Urban Street Art

Once upon a (not so long) time, I promised you more pictures of local street art by talented youngsters. Here they are. As atypical parents who like showing their children all the facets life has to offer, we got them to climb over wooden pallets and walk through broken glass and empty aerosol cans into abandoned buildings to discover a whole different kind of art. Needless to say, they loved it. I’ll be back tomorrow with some more writing. Now pull out the popcorn and dim the lights….

These are my own photos. You can visit the artists’ website at  http://www.jeaze-resa.com/

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25 thoughts on “Urban Street Art

  1. Great shots! And good for you for taking the kids to experience art outside of a gallery. Your description of how they got there cracked me up and made me think of some good childhood memories. Those were the good old days when traipsing through broken glass and wooden pallets and being outdoors was the norm! 😉

    • Thank you. I am fascinated by people who ca draw- probably more than by people who can write. Talent is what makes the diffference between graffiti and art- I’ve noticed that none of this work has been degraded by spray-can wielding youngsters.

  2. I love street art and have many photos that I will upload one of these days. I treated my nephew to a graffiti workshop and we trawled the East End of London viewing the street art. Angouleme, the closest city to me, is home to The Festival International de la Bande-dessinée (comic festival) with great street art. Bristol also has a great street art festival. Great pictures MM.

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