A Letter to Life


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Dear Life,

For the last few days I’ve been feeling down. Let down. Because of you. So I’ve decided to write to you and ask for a little indulgence. I doubt that writing a letter to life’s CEO will do much good, and I know that complaining is a sterile thing to do. But at least I’ll get it off my chest and you’ll know how I feel.

Here’s the low-down: recently you’ve given people I love a hard deal. Once again. Not just small crap, like the car breaking down, or the hamster escaping and getting eaten by the cat. (That’s sad, but people would get over it, even if the hamster didn’t). No, you put your hand in your sackful of life’s surprises and sent them the big one. Serious stuff meaning that these special people and their families have woken up in a scary new world of hospitals, specialists and medication.

My first reaction was to hate you. I wanted to roll on the floor, have a tantrum and scream, “It’s not fair!” I didn’t though, because my Dad was already striding out of a corner of my mind to pick me up off the floor, hug me and tell me that it’s not fair, but life’s not fair.

So I’m writing to ask you to have a good think about what you’re doing, because once again you have picked on people who are good eggs and just don’t deserve this. (I don’t think anyone does, but they most definitely don’t.) You have inadvertently ladled out misfortune to wonderful people who have always taken good care of themselves and others.

Nobody can vote you out of office, and it looks like we’re stuck with you, warts ‘n all. So please think things over carefully before you roll the dice again. Because strangely enough, we all believe in you – whether we call you Life, Destiny or God, we have unconditional faith in the future. You have perhaps noticed that paradoxically, the worse things get, the more we insist on believing. So be warned that when you make things tough for us, we just pull on our boxing gloves, join forces and fight back with the best weapons we have: courage, faith, family, friendship, love and determination.

Call me naïve and childish if you wish, but you don’t have to be the bad guy. Take it all back, put it back in your bag and throw it down the deepest well you can find. You can call it whatever you like, and so will we – a miracle, medical progress, or a stroke of luck, each one of us will interpret it in our own way. But please let these special people get back to living the full, beautiful lives they deserve, and revise your attitude to life. It’s precious.

Thanks for reading. If you want to talk, you know where to find me.

(Very) Sincerely,



24 thoughts on “A Letter to Life

  1. What a pity there’s no one in charge. No CEO of life. I bet many of us would have a Few Things To Say. In the meantime, I hope things look up for whoever is concerned by the low punches.

    • I’ve never felt like banging on the manager’s door before, but this time there just isn’t one, at least not for me. I’m crossing everything for my pals – two of them, in two different places, both fighting the same enemy.

  2. Dearest MM… ‘Life’ sucks sometimes! (to put it mildly) Really sorry to hear that someone dear to you is suffering… I will do the only thing I can from afar to join forces with you and yours and that is to say my thoughts are with you all and my positive intentions for that miracle are going out to the universe…

    • Thanks, TAC. It’s frustrating to know that there’s so little I can do. Positive thoughts and intentions are needed and I hope that the CEO, if there is one, will hear them. Now’s the time to show us he (or she) is there…..

      • It is very frustrating when we feel there is nothing we can do, when it’s out of our control… and up to the CEO! The only thing you can do is be there for them, be positive and encourage them to be positive too, which, I imagine must be really hard when faced with something major health wise… I too hope the CEO is listening…

  3. Sorry to hear you have a couple of friends facing serious health threats. I don’t believe in a CEO but if others do and it gives them strength and encouragement when facing life’s challenges then fair do’s

    I do, however, believe in the power of positive thought to influence things. if your friends can remain strong and surround themselves with people who love and support them, then they’re in with a fighting chance of defeating the illness that assails them !

    • Thanks, Duncan. The people concerned are strongminded and strong willed, and have family and froiends supporting them. Their faith is also a huge essential factor. now it’s time to hand out the boxing gloves.

  4. whatever this hard thing that has happened to you is, from this letter, i really hope it gets better soon. stay strong kiddo (i dunno if you are older or younger than me, i just call everyone kiddo, it’s a term of friendliness 🙂 ) love the image too 🙂

    • Thanks Helen. I’m doing what I can from a distance (they are in the US) – “what I can” meaning carrying on being trying to motivate one, and make the other smile. They’re tough cookies – I’m confident.

  5. I do know where you’re coming from, MM, as my dear sister-in-law is dealing with a similar challenge at the moment and a lot of nasty treatment. Support and encouragement, even at a distance, really do help people to stay strong and keep fighting, and I truly hope they can all kick it into touch.

    • Hi Kathryn 🙂 The day I find out where Life’s CEO lives, we’ll organise a group bloggers visit and a conference so that he (or she) can be informed and inform us. Maybe the world would be a better place after if he or she realised that it’s not clever to hurt nice people who help others. You can design “him” or “her” a T-shirt in the meantime with “I’m not fair but I’m improving” written on it in the mean time 🙂

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