Weekly Photo challenge: Bridge

As I went past the playmobil mansion this morning, Mrs Playmo appeared at the window and waved an impatient claw at me.

“Oy, MM, there’s a photo challenge, and Mr Playmo and I want to take part!” she gabbled. I put my eye to the window of her mansion and peered in.  The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge page beamed out of her computer screen.

“You remember our visit to London? When Mr P and I went off to visit on our own? With our picnic?” (I did. They got totally drunk, and Mr P took lots of inappropriate photos of his wife pole-dancing at the top of Big Ben.)

She sighed nostalgically and took a gulp of rosé before clicking her mouse and stabbing a claw at her collection of photos. “Can you upload this one for me please? A talent scout might be out there somewhere”.

So here we have it: A toy box take on the theme of bridges. With special thanks to Corentin W, the architect of the Lego bridge.


23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo challenge: Bridge

  1. Mrs Playmo is giving a remarkably regal wave for someone clad only in a basque. How does she do it?

  2. WordPress hates me. It won’t tell me when you’ve blogged and it’s only because I thought to myself, I wonder what’s happened to MM, that I googled you and saw that you’d been busy blogging in the summer!!

    So welcome back. I have a hard time buying shoes too but not because they’re big, but because they’re wider than your average anorexic French foot. I’m comfyest in flippies really which allow my already wide feet to spread like butter on a hot day.

    Are you still jogging?

    • Hey, Sarah! Glad to ‘see’ you! I drove past the the neighborhood where we had lunch a while back, and wondered how you are… We should get organized for another meet-up.
      I’m still trying to get myself back into serious blogging – the ideas are swirling but the mojo can be elusive, and life is getting in the way.
      I’m flip-flop addict too. Or I wear my old trainers. As for running, I’m training for my second half-marathon. Mrs P signed me up for my first because she wanted to be the first Playmo to complete the distance, but it would have taken her too long 😀

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