Blogging around the world: Multifarious Meanderings

Blogging around the world: Multifarious Meanderings.

Rochelle from Unwilling Expat contacted me just before the family storm hit, and asked me if I’d like to answer a few questions on her blog. I naturally shied out of the limelight leapt at the opportunity, and talked so much and so fast that the poor woman will never be the same again. Bonus of this interview: a rare photo of MM in all her spine-chilling glory.

Rochelle is a wonderful “blogess” (copyrighted word invented by Rochelle) who lives in Sicily. She’s a feisty Australian expat with a good eye for a beautiful photo. She blogs about literature, life in Sicily, writing, her love for her Antipodes home and even traces around cyberspace to introduce us to other blogs and bloggers.

So I recommend checking her blog out!


55 thoughts on “Blogging around the world: Multifarious Meanderings

  1. Now I can put a face to this blog… the look of mischief speaks volumes, no wonder I enjoy your posts so much… went over to read your interview and returned not in the least disappointed… in fact I would not have expected anything less from you… a great interview where one gets to know a little more about MM… thanks for the pointer to it…,

    • A rare vision – I didn’t want to scare you all off. It’s the first time I’ve been interviewed about my blog – very exciting stuff. Must go and buy myself a suitably sparkly long dress to trip up in for my speeches now. Will it go ok with my helmet ? 🙂

      • Don’t change a thing… no new dress, no new hat, nothing… that photo is how I would have pictured you in my minds eye… don’t change a thing it is so you… do your speeches in the same outfit….

  2. Hi MM. I’m happy you’re back, at last! You’re more courageous than me, whenever I see plenty of crazy gooses pushing and making long queues in a shop I just run away ! Crowds just give me allergy. And for me buying is an act of deep meditation, I need to concentrate cause I don’t like to regret afterwards 🙂 but I also think too much and people who accompany me lose their patience, that’s why I normally urge people not to go with me.

  3. Am no good about pressing the right buttons. Where do I find what you are on about? Jamie and co went back yesterday after a couple of nights here. Laura wanted me to tell her how many of you would be at her nuptials – as if I would know! Back still in progress, but it doesn’t understand “stop messing about and get on with it!”. luv’nhugz

  4. I too loved the mischievous look in your photo. So nice to see the face behind the sparkling conversationist … yes, I really mean that!! 🙂
    It was a great interview and I particularly liked Blogging + nice humans = friendship. That pretty well summed it up for me too. You have magic with words MM!

    • Yoh, E.E! Thank you. It’ all Rochelle’s fault, she started it 🙂 I think I’m going to have to insure my helmet (a but like J-Lo did for her buttocks). The kids found it knocking around in the waves near an abandoned military complex – we all messed around with it, but I think it suited me best.

    • Gollum and I both have blue eyes, but the resemblance stops there (maybe I could lend him some hair…). Can you imagine what his cave would smell like after a tin of beans? He’d be able to light his farts and illuminate the place, a bit like Scottish offshore oil burners!

      • At least with his claws he’d have no problem opening the can….my can opener seems to have the gift of invisibility, but no one told me it contained one of the rings of power when I bought it…

  5. How could I resist a photo of the illusive Joanna? You look so like . . . you! Great interview. Kudos to Rochelle for bringing you out of your shell. I hope you are getting your “blogging muchness” back. XX

  6. Hi Mm I really enjoyed reading the interview. In the French culinary specialties rubric, as a proud Savoyarde as I am, I would mention the Tartiflette. Have you ever tasted it ? It’s delicious, perfect for recovering forces on the evening after a hard hiking day through the Alps mountains. But I recommend eating that only during cold weather. During the summer, it feels too heavy in the stomach. I also miss a lot climbing mountains taking in my backpack a good bottle of red wine, or Genepi, a smelly piece of Camembert and a delicious Pain Campagnard. All of these taste so much better once arrived at the top 🙂

    • Tartiflette is fabulous stuff. It can nourish the inner woman for weeks with just one plateful. I think that they should send stuff into space with astronauts (or maybe not – it’s so heavy they wouldn’t be able to take off to start with). There are so many nice things to eat in France that it was hard choosing just a few.

  7. What a super interview and how very nice to be able to put a face to the sense of humour and great writing. 🙂 I really enjoyed getting more glimpses into your life and way of looking at the world and as always when I read you, I did it with a very contented grin on my face.

    • I like my profile pic too – I just ordered my first pair of glasses and they are 1950’s frames. The French call them “cat eyes” and say that they are all very “tendance” this year. Yowsers. Buy a pair of specs and instantly become a fashionable 1950’s kitten. Miaow. Or should I say “grrr”?

  8. Let me say how lovely it is to put a pretty face to a blog friend. I laughed about the texting. In our last house we had what we called Dad’s Shed, a little building complete with bed and toilet in the garden where The Boy and friends would end up after a night out. The LGB peeped through the window one night to find four lads in silence all texting. When asked the next morning who they were texting so late The Boy replied “each other”! Good to have you back. Hope all is well. xx

    • What I find weird about teens and phones is that they tell you they need a phone to call you and reassure you about their whereabouts, then promptly give you the voicemail when you call them. If you, on the other hand, are not available (on the loo/in the bank manager’s office/ driving) they will keep harassing you until you answer. Sigh.

  9. How did I miss this? Loved the interview, matching a face to the voice I’ve come to love, and especially the multitude of PlayMobile pics!

    • Hey, Gypsy 🙂 Every time I comment on your blog, it tells me that I’m not signed in and my comment disappears in to cyber space.. I loved your piano cake and think that kiddo must be proud to have such an ace mum:-)

      • This makes me so sad MM 😦 I always so look forward to your comments, your wisdom and your wit.
        Am going to address this to the Squarespace peeps immediately. I miss your love 🙂
        I admit I kind of liked Kiddo’s piano cake too … in all its ingloriousness. As much as I can be obsessive-compulsive about some things (like putting things back in their proper place and only having one bottle of tomato sauce open in the fridge at a time) imperfection always gives me the warms and fuzzies for some reason. I must have imbibed a little of the 70’s go-with-the-flow at some point in my childhood …

  10. Hi MM, how are you doing? I haven’t been able to keep up with everyone lately because our new house does not come with internet or phone signal. It is like living in deepest Africa.

    I trust you are ok. All the best


      • In cornwall? You probably have less rain than we have. It has rained every week. The mosquitoes are having a feeding frenzy. Bring me a stick of rock or a cornish pasty back, please

      • I’ve eaten all the pasties. I don’t think they’ll let me back on the plane if I continue like this – I’ll weigh so much, I’ll crash the thing. It’s raining here too from time to time, but by the time the mozzies have put on their thermal undies and Aran jumpers, they can’t take off. So I curl up under the quilt in my jammies and think of PF stewing in the South of France. Small mercies, and all that jazz… 🙂

  11. What an interview, you have such an interesting life, I don’t think I’ll ever be an expat even in my next life haha, I’m pretty stubborn. But if ever I go visit you, make mine a bottle of rose and peanut butter.

  12. Great interview MM and so nice to put your wonderfully mischievous face to your blog… great photo! I’m sure I’m not alone when I say seeing you pop up in my reader puts a smile of excited anticipation on my face! Loved the images of sitting at the bottom of your garden and strolling with smelly dog and candide through the vineyards (TAC takes big sigh and wishes she was there too!) and blogging + nice humans = friendship… 🙂

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