Future tense: Lift the barriers.

Today’s photo challenge was to post a photo of something in my present expressing hope for the future. Here it is: the hope that one day, life will be an open road for our children, who will dare to brave the forbidden and question the unjustified limits that may bar their way…..


Lift the barriers.

19 thoughts on “Future tense: Lift the barriers.

    • Hello, and welcome to MM’s pad, Vastly Curious! (With a name like that, I’m not suprised your first comment here is a question :-D)It is indeed a real sign, in the HΓ©rault valley in a small hamlet called “La manufacture Royale” near Villeneuvette. An artist lives there, and I suspect she’s responsible for this tongue-in-check change to authority….

  1. Villeneuvette? Must remember to look next time I go. It’s brilliant, and I love your interpretation of the sign. There are so many barriers and limits it seems these days, it would be great if they could be tumbled and allow our young to reach for their potential. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Sarah! It’s just opposite the entrance gate. The whole place is great, but visit out of season. There’s an artist lady there who sells furniture she makes out of cardboard… I think she’s responsible for this sign πŸ˜€

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