Photo Challenge: From Above.

And another photo post! This week’s photo challenge:  From Above.

“Change your perspective on something. Share a photo of a subject which you shot from directly above.”

Here is a pic taken in the port at Looe, one of my favourite haunts back home in Cornwall.

Copyright Multifarious Meanderings

Copyright Multifarious Meanderings

Culture: A picture of a picture.

This week’s photo challenge caused me a serious problem. The title is culture. I was confused, as culture for me is a hotchpotch of different ideas I couldn’t quite put my finger on, let alone illustrate or immortalise in a picture. What exactly is culture? How is it defined? Can one picture alone express the essence of culture?

I hesitated a long time before finally going out in the rain to take this photo yesterday. The derelict gymnasium in our village has been decorated by young local street artists. They are talented, and their culture will inspire until it is either replaced by another painting, or the wall disappears.

On the wall, once constructed for a purpose and now a reuseable concrete support for expression, there is this artistic contribution to culture. The depiction of the culture we may leave for our youngsters: a landscape of broken, half-demolished buildings that were once the pride of their workers. The bleak prospect of a monochrome world where the sky alone provides colour and warmth.  The harmonica-playing man looks out at you. His  eyes speak volumes about the sad world he has been painted into, asking for help to escape into the green grass of the real world that tickles his knuckles……..

Copyright Multifarious meanderings.

Copyright Multifarious meanderings.

Up the winding staircase of life….

I love these photo challenges. This week asks for a picture illustrating the word “Up”.  I had difficulty choosing, and finally plunked for this one, taken by PF in a spiral staircase in Pezenas. Little My is peering upwards from the ground floor. In this photo, I see my daughter’s impatience to discover and explore on her way up life’s twisting staircase, step by eye-opening step. I wish her a fabulous journey.

Looking up the staircase of life.....

Looking up the staircase of life…..

Changes: Climbing out into a new life.

This week’s photo challenge asks for a photo depicting change. It’ll be no surprise to you that I’ve pulled out yet another photo of nature, taken by my husband: a cicada emerging from its exoskeleton in our garden last June.


Cicadas in this region spend two years underground as nymphs. They dig an escape tunnel of over 30 cm to the surface, like light-hungry prisoners armed with hope and teaspoons. How do they know which way is up? When they finally pop out and discard all the unnecessary packaging, the poor things have just two to three weeks to live (if they don’t get eaten first).

This little guy popped his head out of a hole in front of PF, who spent the entire afternoon observing him as he shed his exoskeleton. (The cicada, not PF. Obviously.) Then his wings dried and unfolded little by little. We left him to get on with his short existence…. but does life feel as long for a cicada as it does for us?

To reassure any of you who found Mr Cicada a tad on the ugly side, here is a pic after a few hours of wing unrolling and drying, and a picture of what he would have finally looked like: a fully fledged miniature army helicopter.



Colour me natural.

The most recent Weekly Photo Challenge is about colour. Without wanting to sound like I’m bragging, I have heaps of photos of colour. My favourites are those depicting the fabulous hues provided by mother nature.

I have therefore decided to introduce you to Bernard the hermit crab, who P.F and I bumped into on a romantic wander along the rocky coast in St Aygulf, France.  He has gorgeous beady eyes and vivid orange antennae, and the blue spots on his abdomen make him the sexiest crustacean on the beach. A real festival of colour provided courtesy of Mother Nature.

Bernard the hermit crab.

Bernard the hermit crab.

Future tense: Lift the barriers.

Today’s photo challenge was to post a photo of something in my present expressing hope for the future. Here it is: the hope that one day, life will be an open road for our children, who will dare to brave the forbidden and question the unjustified limits that may bar their way…..


Lift the barriers.