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It’s time for a brazen, unabashed plea for help. Yup, I know, I need help.

Today is the last day for voting on the Expats Blog writing contest. Thank you, thank you, thank you to those of you who have already taken the time to read and comment on my entry. I will love you all for ever and ever.

Anyone who missed my previous pleas for help: I will, of course, also love you for ever and ever. But you can still put a vote in by clicking on this link before 21h GMT tonight, and I’ll share my Smarties with you too.

Ten Beret Good Things to Know About France and the French.

This is the title of my entry in the writing contest run by Expats Blog, which has just gone on-line and closes at 21h GMT on 20th December. To get your dose of MM fun today, please click on the link below.

Ten Beret Good Things to Know About France and the French.

Although I don’t generally run after trophies, I must admit that if my little blog was awarded a gold, silver or bronze award, I’d be a very chuffed cookie. So if what you read there floats your boat, I would be eternally grateful (and tell you lots of stories, and share my sweets and playmos with you at bloggers’ playtime for ever and ever, amen) if you could leave a comment in the little box below the article – success is directly dependent upon the number and quality of comments for each entry. There’s an email verification on comments, so if you comment don’t forget to confirm that it’s really you who wrote.

Still wondering how important it is for MM that you take part? It’s this important.

Thank you!

The last time I won a competition was when I  painted my house in primary school. I suspect the jury were shocked by my stark depiction of the window of the prison cell where I did my homework- we lived in an old brick police station.  I was thrilled with my prize: a book that I read from cover to cover, again and again. However, since that unique childhood moment, I have generally excelled in the more unusual lucky stakes. A good example of this would be back in 1999, when the company car my boss had lent me was one of the “lucky” five elected to be burnt to cinders overnight by a budding arsonist.

So when I clicked on the link on an email from the Expats Blog yesterday evening, eager to read the winning entries for their writing contest, I was dumbstruck to see my own name staring back at me from the screen. My family practically had to scrape me off the ceiling, I jumped so high.

I had read my way through a fair number of the 80 entries, and had discovered fascinating, quirky and informative articles written by expats all over the world that all deserved to be picked. Congratulations to Annie Onursan, whose original approach to describing attractions in Bodrum was a prize winner too. Check out the entries here: you have a gold mine of fabulous blogs all around the world. Why don’t you sign up your blog on the site, too?

So thank you for the honour, Expats Blog. Thanks also for the generous prize, which will be put to good use for my passion: reading and writing. Last but most definitely not least, thanks to those who popped by and commented on my entry, which can be found here. I am still pinching myself and expecting to wake up…..