Mrs Playmo posing for a book picture. Unfortunately she had already finished her umpteenth glass of undiluted Merlot.

Mrs Playmo posing for a book picture. Unfortunately she had already finished her umpteenth glass of undiluted Merlot.

MM is quivering with excitement. Mrs Playmo is nervously chewing her claws and glugging down buckets of rosé at the window of her mansion. Yes, something mysterious is afoot in MM’s world… Want to know more? You know you do. Read on to find out why.

One morning in the not so distant past, I went downstairs in my pj’s to discover Mrs Playmo leaping and bouncing around my laptop keyboard like a Lilliputian on crack. Slopping coffee on the trackpad, she turned a grinning face towards me. “Oy, MM, get yourself over here!” she bellowed. “Fame… at last!” She extended a claw and jabbed excitedly at my laptop screen. “Say yes! Say yes! SAY YES!”

I squinted at my email inbox, and examined its daily crop of messages offering to upsize appendages I don’t have. Gleaming in the midst of all this mediocrity was the gem of a message that had got Mrs Playmo as revved up as Berlusconi on the front row of an underwear catwalk.

Opening it up, I discovered an invitation from a bunch of lovely bloggers to take part in the creation of a book. An expat book. A book to make people snort, giggle and belly laugh, and raise money for charity in the process.

MM after reading the email.

MM after reading the email.

Once I had scraped myself off the floor and leapt around the kitchen singing with Mrs Playmo, we wrote back to say yes, yes, yes and yes.

Because there’s more. Although Mrs Playmo is in this purely for the fame and the alcohol, MM was thrilled to know that all the proceeds from this gobsmackingly entertaining book will be donated to charity.

Uprooted and Undiluted is an anthology of humourous posts by ten nutty and adorable award-winning bloggers living across Europe (details of the motley “U + U crew” will be up shortly on a separate page dedicated to ZE Book). We have got together a concentrated collection of uncensored posts which strip expat life abroad down to its hilarious short and curlies. With this little corker in your pocket, you can travel Europe in style without leaving your seat (and make your neighbour jealous as you giggle your way happily through the pages on the number seven bus).

Are you are tired of the sterile, rose-tinted spectacled vision of classic travel books? Do you long to peruse an honestly refreshing portrayal of life as an expat in Europe that will leave you smiling for the day? If so, prepare to grab a copy of “Uprooted and Undiluted” as soon as it comes out (date to be revealed shortly). Forget the world of tepid armchair tourism, and dive into this palpitating, laugh-a-minute insight into expat daily life, including the dark labyrinths of administrative red tape, the perils of learning the lingo, culinary catastrophes, romantic rendez-vous, expat parties, and lots of other exciting stuff that you just don’t find in mainstream travel literature. Pop it in your bag, and be prepared to explain why you are grinning like a demented demon after reading it. Don’t forget to buy a few more to share the joy with your friends and family at Christmas, for their birthdays, or just because you want to show them up when they laugh so hard that their British Rail coffee comes out through their nostrils in the quiet carriage of the train.

Mr Playmo being told in no uncertain terms that he has the choice between buying a copy of

Mr Playmo being told in no uncertain terms that he has the choice between buying a copy of “Uprooted and Undiluted” or sleeping on the couch.

So those of you who said that you would like to have some of MM’s witterings in print now have the opportunity to (as one would crudely say) put your money where your mouth is.

Now it’s over to you. The new page coming up imminently on the blog is entitled “UPROOTED AND UNDILUTED”, and gives more info about the who, where, when, why and hows of our upcoming masterpiece. Check it out. Anyone who understands the magic of hashtags can use this one : #uprootedandundiluted

I am proud to part of this blogging world initiative, which shows just how wonderful blogging is. Please help us to spread a laugh across the world, and raise money for charity in the process!

Sent from my i-kitchen table, with the help of Mrs Playmo (who jumped on the keyboard to type the bits about herself).


56 thoughts on “UPROOTED AND UNDILUTED: ZE book!

  1. How exciting. I take it your contribution is written and submitted? Really looking forward to reading and will definitely be buying when it’s ready.
    Delighted for you. What a buzz.

    • Thank you, Tric! Hope you’re well, girl! Do you know what? I thought about you a couple of days ago, because MMM and MMD (aka MM’s parents) are here at the moment, and MMD was chortling about when he saw me clumping down the road in my Doc Martens 🙂
      Yup, all the posts have been submitted and edited, and the book is in the process of being formatted by expert hands that know their way around doing things like that. I’m so excited…. I feel a Pointer Sisters minute coming on.

  2. My goodness….with a book review like this who could resist! Congrats on being invited to take part….I look forward to it with bated breath!

    • Cheers, my lovely! I don’t think I’ll be taken on by the Reader’s Digest anytime soon, but I do enjoy writing book reviews, particularly when they are highly biased for books written by my blogging friends and myself.

      • Reader’s Digest overrated and a has-been anyway…who needs that? I’ll read your work any day of the week!

    • Pressure, pressure, pressure… I am most honoured by your comment, Helen (note to auto-correct, yes there IS a “U” in “honoured”). Mrs Playmo has just sniffed and said that I paid you to say that. Page hopefully up today. I have no idea what hashtags do either. I gave up on keeping up with communication technology a long time ago, it’s now bowling down the road in front of me like the Hovis kid without brakes.

      • Naughty Mrs. Playmo…what a thing to say when she is busy extracting every euro possible from you to fund her various habits…

      • I quite agree. She always have clever ideas to save me cash, though. Including buying up Gérard Depardieu’s vines locally to have her own supply. I didn’t follow her advice.

  3. Oh boy, I can’t wait for this book to hit us! For sure, lots of copies will be sold. I’m so bloomin’ proud of all of you, including Mrs P and her IV rosé. (Is that Cracklin’ Rosé?)

    • Yeeeeh – ha! Put it there, sister 🙂 I really hope that lots of copies will be sold – lots of quality writing heaps of laughs and a truckload of the stuff you always wanted to know about expat life but never dared to ask.
      Mrs Playmo sends her love and says she wants to come to your place for a week or so for training because you appear to be a rosé connoisseur. Don’t let her, she’ll ruin your reputation with your neighbours.

  4. Love Mrs. Playmo and love this post! Félicitations on being published, and tell her I look forward to putting that money where the wine-slurping hole is!

    • *MM leaps around kitchen in her dressing gown like a wild banshee* Thank you! (I am so excited I was almost tempted to put a line of exclamation marks, then I remembered that one is enough). You will love every page. I guarantee.

  5. How exciting! I am sure it’s a book I would enjoy reading and I’ll look forward to your post that gives the particulars! That it will also be contributing to charitable efforts is indeed very nice. I hope it is wildly successful, and with Joanna Lumley perhaps helping with the promotion, it will be!

    • Cheers Debra,it’s great to know you’re onboard! There is a lot of interest building up in our little book, we’re very excited. I’ll The more we sell, the more we will be able to donate – so sore the joy 🙂
      I will link to any articles about “Uprooted and Undiluted” as they appear – they will, they will. (“I believe in fairies”, says MM, clapping her hands furiously).

  6. Aaaaaaahhhhhh! Woooooooot! I am thrilled to read this. Of course it’s a given that you should be one of the writers because you are actually extremely talented and moderately funny 😉 The cause is brilliant, and I will be tingling with anticipatipation for updates. Oddly, just last night I was wondering what you were up to … now I know and I can send mahusive congratulations to you and a rather chilly hug from Cantal 😀

    • Thanks for the enthusiasm and the mahusive congratulations 🙂 Anything from the Cantal is welcomed – I love the Cantal; I lived there for a year (but I’m sure I’ve already told you that).
      Thank you for wondering about me, it makes me feel all warm inside. Mrs Playmo says I shouldn’t write that because it makes me sound like a wimp rather than a headstrong author on a mission.

      • De rien! I think you have told me you lived in Cantal (was it St Flour?) … I enjoy giving warm fluffy feelings – Mrs Playmo is plastic and this may account for her rather brittle response 😉

      • THat’s right, St Flour. I drove through it this summer and it was still standing. Miraculous.
        Mrs Playmo appears to be a tough cookie, but deep down inside she is a great philanthropist. She will happily carry your Versace handbag for you, then permanently adopt it if she thinks it is badly treated.

      • Mrs Playmo has clearly been teaching all of my daughters on the QT 😉 I shall be in St Flour this afternoon helping at an astronomy event for 8 year olds on – about my level!

      • Oooh! sniff. Say hello to it to me. I used to live in the ville haute, on the first floor of the maternelle halte garderie building. There was a staircase that was sheer hell to get p and down when covered with 10 cm of frozen snow. Those were the days.

  7. Fame at last MM & mightly welly deserved! And as for an intro by the faaaabulous Ms Lumley. Well I courtsey at your feet & if you ensure Mrs P moves to a high enough surface I’ll courtsey at hers too. Amazing.

    • Oh, no, my answer didn’t come up! Where’s it gone? Anyway. Thank you mutely for the congratulations. Mrs P is currently climbing up the wardrobe in my running gear and a tiara because she wants to know what the Queen feels like to be courtseyed to.
      You may have noticed that Ms Lumley and the associated charity has disappeared from the equation in the post – all we be explained shortly. Affaire à suivre, as the French would say.

  8. What exciting news! Joanna Lumley is one of my heroines (along with Mrs Playmo of course, I thought I should just clear that up in case she takes offence). I await publication with baited breath, and packet of midget gems. I have a vague notion what to do with hashtags so I shall take myself off to Twitter and see if it works…
    Yes, it does – I can now read a whole list of comments from people who are looking forward to reading the book. 🙂

    • I am a stranger to the dark world of the hashtag, so I’ll take your word for it 🙂 Mrs Playmo says she hopes she is above JL on your heroine list. Take it seriously, she has an axe in her kitchen cupboard like all self-respecting French housewives. Thanks for your enthusiasm, and please keep the black midget gems for me because they are my favorites.

      • Oh dear, a huge oversight on my part – Mrs Playmo is of course far above the lovely JL on my heroine list. Mrs Playmo is at the top of Mt Everest, whereas JL is merely at the summit of Mt Snowdon…. (Do you think that is enough to save me from the axe??)
        Hmmm, the black midget gems are also my favourites, so we may have to compromise.

  9. Yes, yes, yes! Two of my favourite bloggers are hitting the big time for a cause; I couldn’t be prouder of this little expat blogging posse!
    Well done MM, and long overdue. I’d congratulate Mrs. Playmo, but I’m afraid the fame is going to go far too quickly to her head … who knows what mischief she’ll get up to once the cash and adulation start rolling in!
    Oh, yeah, no cash. There may be hope for her still.
    Did I mention what an amaze-balls project I think this is?
    Can’t wait to buy the book (hoping a soft copy version will be available too?).
    Any chance your fans will get a sneak peak? 😉

    • I can feel your enthusiasm bouncing around my kitchen here, Gypsy! And it feels great! Mrs Playmo says she doesn’t mind missing out on the stash of cash if it’s for a good cause (I think Mr Playmo has being trying out his sermons on her).
      It is indeed an amaze-balls project. The book will be out in paperback first which I am very happy about. I’ve never read and electronic version of anything – apart from blogs. My eyes need a break from screens at the end of the day…
      As for the sneak peek, try having a sniff around the different blogs to get a feel of what awaits you. I’ll be putting up a page with info about the different authors today.

  10. Congratulations! I’m chuffed to bits for you and at the same time very jealous in the nicest possible, scratch your eyes out kind of way! I shall be ordering my signed copy. Well done. Big hugs.

  11. What great news and what an even better book review. It’s already irresistible and I have only just heard of it now. Looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of this baby. Cheers to you both for participating in this fun project for a good cause.

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