Day 12: Small Pleasures

Mrs Playmo enjoying the small pleasures in life with Smelly Dog, whose head appears to make a very good impromptu slide.

Mrs Playmo enjoying the small things in life with Smelly Dog, whose head appears to make a n excellent makeshift slide.

Day twelve’s walk started off quietly. Mrs Playmo and I were still shell-shocked from recent events, and the subdued, mellow sunlight bathing the vineyards seemed to echo our state of mind.

After a few hundred meters, Mrs Playmo asked why we were being so mopey. We were, she argued, wasting precious time. “Life’s there to be lived, honey-bun!” she chirped before scaling Smelly Dog’s leg. She clambered dangerously along the furry backbone, a female equivalent of Indiana Jones on the roof of a train, and hoisted herself on to Smelly Dog’s skull. Sitting between the two floppy ears, she yelled “Yeeeee- ha!” and pointed into the distance before pulling hard on them and bellowing, “Onwards, and forwards, my faithful steed. To infinity… and beyond!”

I had a sneaky feeling that she had combined John Wayne, Napoleon and Buzz Lightyear in her head. As far as I was concerned, she looked uncannily like Alice astride the Bandersnatch, with a truckload of attitude and a black corset. She attained the result she had hoped for: I laughed.

Letting go of Smelly Dog’s ears, she slid down her steed’s nose and landed neatly on her feet, her face flushed with pleasure. “Ta – daaaah!” She eyed me from head to toe, sniffed and added: “C’mon. You might have given up the rosé, but your muffin top is still drooping for Britain. Lets walk.” So we did.

For those who are new to the blog, check out this post to understand what this is all about.

25 thoughts on “Day 12: Small Pleasures

  1. Mrs. Playmo is def sounding decidedly like an East coast southerner. Thank God she isn’t that stuffy southern Belle type. She has chutzpah. I like her more and more… Pretty sure my muffin top can beat yours… just saying.

    • Chutzpah. New word for me, had to ask Mr Wiki. She was being very mean because my muffin top appears to be shrinking – although it’s no ironing board, my guts looking better than it did two weeks ago. 🙂 Maybe we should have a muffin-top competition. The biggest and best gets a chocolate muffin.

  2. “You might have given up the rosé, but your muffin top is still drooping for Britain. Lets walk.”

    I’m really enjoying these scenarios. I love the way you’re so nuts. 🙂

  3. I can’t decide: if I had to spend an evening with Mrs Playmo, would I like her or would I want to give her a good slap with a wet kipper?? Probably depends on how much rosé had been consumed…

  4. Still dry then? Me too. Has Mrs. Playmo given up the vino too? Annoyingly I don’t feel any better for not drinking. I guess I wasn’t drinking enough to start with. And ‘Cheers!’ isnt the same with a glass if water is it? Roll on 1st Feb!

    • Yup, still a wine-free zone 🙂 25 days, would never have believed I could do it…. Some things have changed for the better – I’ll be doing a post about the Dry January experience at the end of the month. Like you, I quickly realized that I didn’t really drink that much, at least not compared to some of the other people who are talking about their cold turkey symptoms! Hopefully will be posting soon – the walks have continues, but I haven’t had time to post the photos…

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