Day 10: Roxanne.

Rooooxanne, you don't have to put on that red light....

Rooooxanne, you don’t have to put on the red light….

Mrs Playmo and I have been literally run off our feet over the last three days. Our apologies for not having posted earlier – Mrs P said I should lie, but I won’t. We’ve walked, and we’ve worked, and we haven’t drunk a drop of alcohol. Or rather, I haven’t. Mrs Playmo is taunting me with her bottle of rosé every night, but I’m still going strong. So here is day ten, with our apologies for a lateness most French people attribute to the SNCF.

On day ten, Bigfoot was back at the ranch. So was my workload. So by the time I’d got to the end of my working day, the sun had set and our usual stomp through the vineyards necessitated a miner’s helmet equipped with lamps. I decided to drag Smelly Dog and Mrs Playmo out for a new itinerary – along the road. Bigfoot elegantly offered to accompany me in case I met any tall, dark, handsome strangers / Kalachnikov-toting loons along the way. Within ten minutes, he was asking me to slow down and enquiring just how long this walk would be, and I couldn’t help feeling a tad smug.

That feeling didn’t last long -Smelly Dog is scared of the dark and hates walking along the street. She dragged us at top speed around the route and only slowed down when she recognized the final stretch home. This made for a top-speed power walk that quickly had Bigfoot and I completely bushed.

And what about Mrs Playmo in all this, you ask? The answer is, we left without her. Not because we didn’t want her company, but because she had disappeared. We checked below the sofa having accused the cat of using her for mouse-chasing training, to no avail. Zilch.

Half-way around our circuit, Bigfoot stopped and pointed to a small figure stood in the lamplight. She was clutching her new handbag, and pretended not to see us as a car stopped beside her. Mrs Playmo quickly opened the door and got into the passenger seat, leaving Bigfoot and I astounded.

“Mum, I don’t think she’s told you the entire story.” Bigfoot grinned and started singing “Roxanne”.  “It’s Friday night and your protégée is hanging around in a red dress under a street light? Sorry, but this looks decidedly dodgy for a blogpost about something as innocent as Playmobils.”

She has remained silent about the event ever since. We hope that it was her taxi for her pole-dancing slot at the local dive, but we can’t be sure….

If you are wondering what this is all about, check out “The Great Outdoor Playmo Challenge”.

23 thoughts on “Day 10: Roxanne.

  1. Mry Plamo would tell you to lie, wouldn’t she 😉

    For some reason Smelly Dog being afraid of the dark made me think of he book “The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark”.

    • She can be a right shame at times. I know that story 🙂 Smelly Dog is a real wimp once the sun sets – she seem to believe that dogs have always lived in heated caves with comfy baskets, and defends us very well – as long as the danger is outside, and she’s in.

    • Ta PN. I looked like roadkill when I took that one 🙂 We don’t KNOW she’s a hussy, we all presume she is. It could be something completely different. Although knowing Mrs Playmo, it probably isn’t.

  2. So, Mrs. Playmo is an “independent contractor”? That explains her nice purses and such 😀

    • The opinions are all converging towards questionable behaviour. Hmmm. Joanna scratches head with her pencil as she considers which way the scenario should go. (By the way, watch out, folks: it’s a French pencil. It’s loaded and dangerous.)

  3. There’s been so much going on MM; she may just need some time to herself to sort things out on her own.
    Then again, you two have grown pretty close over the last while. You’ve been through so much intense emotion together in such a short time. Then all of a sudden, POOF! Bigfoot’s back in the picture, you’re walking a different route, you switch your morning walk to evening … I don’t know, maybe she’s just feeling left out.
    Sometimes the steeliest exteriors harbour the most tender of hearts …

    • You are amazing. I think you should work in counselling, or negotiation for the SAS, or something. Mrs Playmo is a complex personality, and the week has been tough. I hope she hasn’t signed up for any weird sects.

  4. I’m with Helen. Mrs Playmo was obviously off on a mission of mercy and didn’t want to be delayed when her lift arrived. Watch out for that summons for defamation…

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