Day 8 : Lollipop Launchers

Sweetness and light. Or something like that.

Sweetness and light. Or something like that.

In light of current events, Mrs Playmo insisted on protection for our walk yesterday. She was not convinced by my arguments that there was nothing interesting for terrorists around our village, and rummaged furiously in the accessory box until she found a riot police helmet. The steel capped boots were too big for her, but when Eric the Policeman called from the bottom of the box and shyly offered to accompany her, she blushed and accepted with a shy smile.

A blustery wind was sweeping across the vineyards, and it was very hard for Mrs Playmo to remain standing for long enough to take any photos. She took shelter on the old orange tractor, and took the opportunity to suggest her new idea of weaponry to Eric. She asked him to hold her dog’s lead for her, then disappeared into my photo bag and – after a great deal of grunting and swearing – returned dragging a huge strawberry flavoured lollipop. This, she explained, was an exciting new concept – a lollipop to sweeten up bad guys, and if that failed, it became an edible cosh that could also be set up in a grenade launcher and fired at the more dangerous villains.

Eric the Policeman kindly refused her offer, telling her that bashing the villain’s bonce with a Chupa Chups would fracture his skull. The Playmo justice system would not only put him in prison and let the bad guy go, but they would also fire him and make him pay damages so that the baddy could afford the latest Kalachnikov and start all over again.

Mrs Playmo shrugged her shoulders, and told him that he could avoid the whole problem by eating the weapon. That said, she unwrapped the lollipop and attempted to eat it. Staring into oblivion, she did not see the expression on Eric’s face as he watched her. The more she tried to understand society these days, the less she liked it. Her opinion of Eric, on the other hand, was a different question all together….

32 thoughts on “Day 8 : Lollipop Launchers

  1. I think I will send Mrs Playmo the wet wooden spoon that belongs to Mrs Sensible. Not only is it an incredible deterrent, but Mrs S won’t be able to use it on me.

    • Mrs Playmo says she already has wet wooden spoons, and if you don’t stop being rude about her friend Mrs Sensible, she’ll be on the next plane over to help her sort you out. And Eric will come too to try out his new truncheon.

  2. Ohhhhh, my! It’s been a long time since a Chupa Chups has passed these lips.
    Bravo on Mrs. Playmo for accepting Eric’s help. One can never be too cautious.
    And bravo to you MM. On all fronts.

    • Ta muchly, beautiful 🙂 I’m very proud of Mrs Playmo, and of myself too. Day 10 today, and still going strong! Hope I don’t bore the pants off everyone withy daily posts. Never posted this much before, and on a very limited scope, too. The challenge has more aspects to it than I first thought. Hmm. What is it about Chupa Chups that means they can’t make it to different countries? Pfft. If they sell crap like Pepsi and Nutella in the Middle East, the Chup Chups should make it too. And don’t tell me there’s no Nutella or Pepsi, or I’ll tell you to pack your bags and run. Hate the stuff myself, but surely they’re necessary basics for someone? Hugs to you, Gypsy.

  3. Boring? No way! This has been a blast! Kudos to you and Mrs. Playmo for hanging in there. I’m growing to admire that little spitfire, with her passions, her fashions, creativity and practicality. Plus the cursing. What’s not to like?

    ….and I have never even “heard” of Chupa Chups. Underdeveloped country indeed.

    • Oof, I’m reassured. I was imagining eyebrows shooting upwards with sighs or ‘oh, God, not again” (oops, I blasphemed there…. is someone going to shoot me now?). Never. Ever. Heard of Chupa Chups? You haven’t lived. 😦

  4. Well, Crystal isn’t alone in never having heard of Chupa Chups. I’ve just had to google them. 🙂 I must say I read today’s episode with a frisson of excitement at this potential new complication in the life of Mrs Playmo. Is there a Mr Playmo who might possibly object if he were to find out?

    • There is a Mr Playmo. And in one of my replies in a previous post, I decided that he was.. the village vicar. I complicated the scenario somewhat with that rash decision but hey ho, in for a penny, in for a pound…

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