Day Six: Feeling Small

"As a tear rolled down Mrs Playmo's cheek, I realized that she  was a romantic at heart."

“As a tear rolled down Mrs Playmo’s cheek, I realized that she was a romantic at heart.”

We were late leaving the house yesterday, and the sun was setting as we hit midpoint in our daily walk. The colour of the sky slowly built up from apricot, to salmon, to vibrant orange and pink tones, and Mrs Playmo scaled the nearest tree and settled on a branch to ย admire the view.

The black silhouettes of the motionless trees contrasted starkly with the breathtaking hues behind them. Mountains cut a soft line across the tableau. The birds had stopped chirping. Then Mrs Playmo’s voice cut through the silence:

“I’m a Playmo, and you’re a human. But we are both tiny compared to all that, aren’t we?” She extended a claw to show the spectacular sunset. “Sunsets make me want to cry. I will never see the same sunset twice; each is unique. Just like us. And like us, this one will only live once. How long will I remember it? Maybe until another one, bigger and better, comes along, dethroning this one. Such a waste. And one day, without knowing it, I will see my last sunset. This is the last sunset for somebody, somewhere. That makes me so sad.”

Smelly dog wriggled impatiently at my side, but I was fascinated. There was more inside that hollow Playmo head than I had imagined.

She wriggled down the trunk, dragged her dress back down to her knees, and wiped her nose on Smelly Dog’s fur. “Right, let’s go. Don’t want to be bumping into Marcel in the dark, now, do we?”

58 thoughts on “Day Six: Feeling Small

  1. Loving the short stories. All my creativity is going into making Barbie clothes and a doll house from a banana box. I just don’t have anything left for writing. But there will be a post soon on the DIY crafts. Looks like Mme Playmo could use some DIY frills. ๐Ÿ™‚ But then she seems a bit no nonsense Well accept for the cabbage escapade. If she is interested I could must up something akin to a peacock tail in her size….

    • Hey! Hope you’re well and that the Munchkin is keeping you on your toes ๐Ÿ™‚ Clever girl, making Barbie clothes. Must be as easy as keyhole surgery. Mrs Playmo has decided to use the feather duster – it glows in the dark.

  2. Amazing photo … and the sentences “one day, without knowing it, I will see my last sunset. This is the last sunset for somebody, somewhere” really struck a chord with me.

      • What has happened in France and is happening in the rest of the world is dreadful. I don’t know what the solution to the radical Islamic terrorists is.
        My heart goes out to the families

      • Thanks, PN. It’s so sad. I was reassured this morning, and furious at the same time, to see my 14-year-old with tears dripping off the end of his nose into his Cornflake bowl. Furious because these bastards have made him experience something so awful and instill doubt in his mind. If children can’t see the sense in this, how can any adult, any religion, condone such barbaric behaviour?

      • I have no words, I am just very sad. It is also very scary. There will be a backlash following this, that will involve Muslims that have nothing to do with the atrocity.
        The murderers that did this have not achieved anything.

      • I found myself in the same situation. Only the day before I had been in conversation with a fellow blogger about the fragility of life and how it can change in a heartbeat.
        I feel numb from yesterday’s slaughter.

  3. I love the photo… and I agree about the sunsets… were we are each evening is a beaut and just when you think you’ve seen the best the next evenings is better, or maybe different, difficult to decide which is the best as they are all, as you said, unique…

  4. Beautiful photo, lovely sentiments, and so poignant too after what happened at Charlie Hebdo. While reading it, I also thought of the last sunset viewed by the victims.

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