Day Five: The Cabbage Patch


“After several rehearsals, Mme Playmo gave up on the idea of dancing with a cabbage leaf stuck down the back of her knickers. Even with her eyes half closed, it looked nothing like those feathers at the Moulin Rouge.”

On day five of the Outdoor Challenge, we wandered past a vegetable patch. Mrs Playmo climbed into a cabbage, and with a lot of grunting ripped off a leaf. She proceeded to stuff it down the back of her corset, and after wriggling uncomfortably for five minutes she pulled it out and gave up. “It looks nothing like the feathers at the Moulin Rouge!” she grumbled, pulling her dress back on and stomping out into the sun. “I’ll have to think of something better”. I suggested her feather duster, and she immediately perked up.

Affaire ร  suivre….




28 thoughts on “Day Five: The Cabbage Patch

  1. I just know I’m going to open up a Mrs. Playmo adventure one of these days and find out she’s been mud wrestling. She IS a wild one, isn’t she?!
    Who’d have thought …

  2. Okay I have to say that I had no idea that Playmo had an S/m seriesโ€ฆ..she’s WAY ahead of the curve !

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