A Compromising Photo of a Compromising Photo

"It was with immense satisfaction that Mrs Playmo immortalized the proof of Amanda Shacklebottom's infidelity. Finally she had a means to get her hands on the pink and cream Versace handbag she had coveted for so long."

“It was with immense satisfaction that Mrs Playmo immortalized the proof of Amanda Shacklebottom’s infidelity. Finally she had a means to get her hands on the pink and cream Versace handbag she had coveted for so long.”

Yesterday Mrs Playmo and I decided to bite the bulllet, and stepped out for a five kilometer hike. On our journey, Mrs Playmo heard mumbling behind the rocks and beckoned to me. Creeping up through the bushes, we spotted two inhabitants of Playmo Street doing their best to hold hands as they watched the waters of the Hérault river tumble past their feet.

“Wait for me here!” Mrs Playmo hissed. “Nobody believed me when I said that Amanda Shacklebottom wasn’t as chaste as her name implies!” She pointed a manicured claw at the couple, sitting on a blanket on the rocky shore. The man was fast discovering that offering flowers to a woman on a bent knee is only something that happens in films in Playmobilia.

“It’s Marcel, the village garage mechanic!” Mrs Playmo gabbled, her eyes wide with incredulity.  “I don’t understand what she sees in him. For lack of a better word, the man’s a complete tool.”

She rummaged in her lurid green handbag and pulled out her camera. Then she was off, creeping up behind them to immortalise the moment on her camera. She returned through the grasses and hauled herself to her feet. “At last. A means of persuasion. See that cream and pink Versace handbag? I’ve been after it for months.”

I made a mental note to confiscate her camera in case she knows any human journalists on the local rag. I am starting to discover the darker side to Mrs Playmo. Under the presentable red dress and string of pearls lies an extortionist and a contortionist. And it’s only day three of the challenge …

If you are new around here and don’t have a clue what this is all about, please read “The Great Outdoor Playmo Challenge”. Yes, I am crazy, and yes, I’m happy this way. 

24 thoughts on “A Compromising Photo of a Compromising Photo

  1. Is Mrs Shacklebottem topless? It is difficult to tell in the photo. What a little hussy she is.

    Send my regards to Mrs Playmo, and tell her I like what she has done with her hair

    • No, Mts Shaklebottom has her pink top on. You’ve been stripping too much paint off walls, PN 😉 She is indeed a hussy, but a very shy one. The most daring thing she ever does is put lavender fabric softener in the final rinse when she washes her hubby’s underpants. I have the feeling that Mrs Playmo will wreck her life shortly if she doesn’t toughen up a tad.

    • I think she should book a suite at that hotel you blogged about, she’d be a bit warmer and still have lots of stone to sit on. It’s actually quite warm here- we are walking in temperatures between 14 and 17 °C, with gorgeous sunshine. I even saw a daffodil yesterday!

  2. “Doing their best to hold hands” LOL Right? It’s like the poor Lego hands. No real chance of romance there…

    • It’s so frustrating. No knees for kneeling, either. Figurines have a life that is destitute of romance. I always wondered how they got up the steps on to the Playmo flight to Legoland…. And how they eat… I wrote a post about it a while back if you need an excuse to procrastinate. “A Letter from Mrs Playmobil to her creator”.

  3. You are making me want to climb up in the attic and retrieve the circus…or the pirate ship….or the castle…..I miss the treasure chest with the gold coins..sigh..

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