The Morning After the Night Before…


“When she woke up on the beach the following morning, Mrs Playmo couldn’t remember much of the New Year’s Eve party. It was, she admitted, as good a time as any to sign up for Dry January.”

As promised, here is Mrs Playmo on day one of my January Challenge. A compromising photo of Mrs Playmo in the great outdoors will be posted every day until the end of January.



38 thoughts on “The Morning After the Night Before…

    • It was indeed. I’m not drinking this month, so I remember the stuff Mrs Playmo doesn’t. The story is all over the Playmo news – The feet belong to a waster disguised as Prince Charming who crashed the party she was at. Mrs Playmo was dressed as Peter Pan until she lost her leggings and top playing strip poker. She clocked Charming over the head with an empty champagne bottle when he called her his little imp and asked if she’d like to check out his sketches. Now she’s in hiding.

    • In fact it’s a painted-on corset πŸ™‚ Playmobil has moved on from Birkenstocks and dungarees, and the Playmo housewife now has racy undies under her run of the mill dress and pearls. Unfortunately, they seem to have drawn the line at doing likewise for playmo papa. Harrumph.
      A very happy and healthy 2015 to you too, Missus xxx

  1. Um, is she topless? No judgment, just wondering.

    If I weren’t such a Lego Junkie at the moment, I would look more at Playmobil πŸ™‚

    • Nah, Playmo’s painted on a raunchy corset. See it from the front on the next day of the challenge. I think Mrs Playmo has a chunky bum.
      Lego? Vade Retro, satanas! My days of stepping on Lego blocks in the dark are over.

  2. I was going to have a dry January too but then I realized I was going to be in the NL until the 5th so that went right out the window πŸ™‚ There is always February!

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