This week’s Photo Challenge, titled “Endurance”, really hit home.

This summer, I was in a small street in the busy centre of Cannes. As tourists shoved past each other, eyes glued on their smartphones, a movement caught my attention above their heads. A boring, grey pigeon. My eyes followed it as it headed straight for a nondescript windowsill. It landed softly. To my surprise, the window gently opened and a frail, carefully made-up retired lady appeared. I expected the pigeon to fly away, but it approached fearlessly, as if it had done so all its life.

The lady disappeared, then returned with something small in her hand. Passers-by tutted at me, bashing my legs with their shopping bags in their hurry to consume. I was in their way, mesmerized by an old lady and a bird repeating what appeared to be a long-established tradition above that busy street. A habit, a relationship. Real contact that had existed before I arrived and would do so long after – enduring friendship between a bird and a human who appeared to be paradoxically lonely in all the turmoil of the consumer world.

She sensed I was looking at her, turned her head towards me, and smiled. I pointed to my camera, and she nodded, then returned to her protΓ©gΓ©. Here is the result.


52 thoughts on “Endurance.

  1. Hi stranger. Your interpretation was not what I expected at all. You always see outside the box. Simple, serene and lovely.

    • Hey! Lovely to see you back (MM jumps up and down in her kitchen and spills coffee down her dressing gown). How are you? How’s the house coming on? Are you still cycling? Why did the chicken cross the road? πŸ˜€

  2. great post and great pic

    [I have a soft spot for anyone who treats an animal with kindness]

    P.S. what a great tragic love story could be woven out of this moment in time captured by your camera

    • Cheers, Duncan πŸ™‚ I agree – if you let your imagination go, you could use the photo as a basis for a great plot. Maybe the dove has a message under its wing from her childhood sweetheart, captured by relatives and imprisoned at the local old folks home until he give them the secret code for his Visa card?

    • Hi Vibha, and welcome! I found her very elegant and “retired starlet” -ish. It doesn’t come out well on the picture, but she was carefully made up, and had obviously taken care with her hair. I bet she broke a few hearts in her time… or maybe she just admired from a distance?

  3. Magical moments are attracted to you, and you are sensitive enough to notice. Thank you for teaching us patience and the beauty of observing the little sweetness in life.

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