Sinusitis and Shower Power.

Sinusitis and Shower Power..

MM’s got a double whammy of sinusitis and bronchitis. So I’ve crawled out from under my pile of antibiotics, cortisone and Ventolin to reblog a post from last year describing the thrills and spills of inhabited facial piping.

Please wear a mask when reading to avoid spreading the bugs around cyber space… you can never be too careful!


35 thoughts on “Sinusitis and Shower Power.

    • hello, and welcome to the bug blog 🙂 Of course I’ll pop by. I don’t know how much use my feedback will be though. I’m a tomboy, and make-up and I have a love-hate relationship (i.e. we love to hate each other).

  1. Poor MM! I shall speak very softly and turn down all the light …. if you are anything like me, noise and light feel like a punch in the face 😦
    I shall wish for the speedy demise of the evil gremlins!

    • Now you’re talking. You know your stuff. (MM stuffs stuff into bag to run away to Jo’s house… ah, maybe not, I have to get on the plane and my head will explode and cover all the other passengers in green infected mucus guck… ).

  2. Oh dear. I hope you have a few good books so your time in bed ( or wherever) can be at least mildly pleasurable. Come to think of it, I suppose life with children goes on so you might not get time for those. Best wishes.

  3. pas besoin d’un masque, je pense que tu as fait une allergy attack, vus les médocs:”my pile of antibiotics, cortisone and Ventolin…” – bon courage, bon rétablissement et un week-end serein! 🙂

  4. Are you better now? Just got back from UK hols so hadn’t seen this. I hope your head is now re-plumbed and circulating correctly! 🙂

      • Good luck with the shopping, and the film! It’s not easy to carry on normally when you feel like the pits. I’ve always wondered whether sniffing scotch would kill the little blighters in yer sinuses. Or make them so drunk they’d go to sleep. 🙂

  5. I’m just catching up with some blogging, so am a bit late in reading this one. I hope you are feeling a lot better today (feeling 100% better would be my wish, but a complete cure since you commented yesterday is probably asking too much!).

    • I’m still a slime ball I’m afraid. I went to the cinema to see a weepy film yesterday, and forgot my tissues. I nearly drowned the entire row in slime, and all I had to mop it up was a handbag full of shopping receipts 😦

      • Oh dear – how awful, poor you. (and I can’t imagine the people near you were overly happy either!) That would be one of my nightmares – to have a runny nose and no tissues. It’s bad enough to think I don’t have a tissue with me when I have no sign of a cold or runny nose! Mopping up with shopping receipts can’t have been very successful – and a bit scratchy perhaps, a bit like the old hard loo paper we used to have in school and public conveniences.

      • I was worried I’d have the extortionate price of my imported chocolate digestives printed on my upper lip when they switched the lights on, but apparently the ink is slime-resistant. It WAS scratchy. I hated that loo roll – that awful stuff that looked like tracing paper and felt like asbestos 🙂

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