Real Friends in a Virtual World: Thank you.

Have a glass of rosé, people! I had a surprise a couple of days ago – I discovered that it was my blogging birthday.

The war-torn veterans of this blog may know that MM has been polluting the blogosphere with her multiple meanderings for two years now. When I started out, I wasn’t sure how long the blog would last, or where I was going. I wasn’t seeking fame and fortune or trying to sell myself. I just wanted to get my writing out of my kitchen – somewhere other than in my head. When I clicked on publish for the first time, my heart practically leapt out of my mouth.

Then I got my first follows and comments, and I was dumbstruck. I hadn’t expected anyone to come across my blatherings, let alone read them. And when I saw the same people coming back again and again, I suddenly realized that I had become a tiny part of a complete stranger’s routine. A stranger who looked forward to reading more. It was scary, but I liked it.

I have pressed that “publish” button umpteen times since, and still get the same thrill out of it. But the most beautiful thing I have discovered is the unexpected support and friendship that has grown out of this blog. I started this for the writing, but meeting you wonderful people and reading about your lives on your blogs has become the best part of blogging by far. Although I’m trying hard to balance it out, I still feel that I have got so much more out of the blogging world than I put into it – all thanks to the human contact and input of the blogging community.

I used to say “thank you for the follow” when I started blogging. Two years later, I’d like to rephrase that as “thank you for the follow-through” – the humbling proof that real friendship can be found in a virtual world.

So happy birthday to us. To celebrate this milestone, I would like you to watch this. I suspect that if I was a nun, I’d be more a Sister Act than Mother Teresa. This young Sicilian nun is a reminder that you should never give up on a dream because of your choices in life, and that we should never judge a book by its cover. Just amazing.

81 thoughts on “Real Friends in a Virtual World: Thank you.

  1. And you, my blogging friend, have brought gales of laughter to my life when I thought there was nothing left but tears. I raise a glass of red to this milestone and raise it again to many more years of reading pleasure at Multifarious Meanderings :-). Mabrook! (Kudos in Arabic)

  2. Happy belated birthday! Those two years have flown by. I know exactly what you mean, I love the thought that someone somewhere enjoys my blog posts over their morning coffee.

  3. Great post and inspiring clip. You are so right – beyond getting our writing out there we make incredible connections through blogging…I’m so grateful to be part of the adventure. Many happy returns!

  4. Happy blogging birthday MM and thanks for the video – that wee lass is the biz! I loved the expressions of sheer disbelief on the faces of the dissolute judges. Priceless.

    I too have read your posts with so much pleasure and mirth, and I rub my hands with glee when I see you pop up on my sidebar. 🙂

    • Yeah, Sarah! Recovering from the election frenzy? I checked on your results (Big MM is watching you), you guys got a very decent score, and the mayor has some opposition to keep him on his toes now. Kudos!
      We should meet up for that celebratory glass of rosé – you are probably the only blogger here who is within spitting distance. Not that I’m planning to spit on you, of course.

  5. two year, eh?

    took me a while to find you, but glad I did

    here’s to many more happy bloggy birthdays – says he pouring a glass of red ! 😆

  6. Happy birthday too you,
    Happy birthday too you,
    Happy birthday dear MM,
    Happy birthday tooooo yoooooooouuuuu!!!

    And may you have many more glorious years.

    Cheers missus (raising glass), it definitely wouldn’t be the same without you 🙂 xxxxxx

    • Blurrb… Hiccup.. belch… All these toasts are doing my head in 🙂 Cheers, Welly Girl! I love your candid, down-to-earth approach to life, and I think your blog is a winner- flowery dress, wellies, chickens and all. Big hugs and thanks for being one of my bloggy pals. xxx

  7. Funny how a blogging anniversary creeps up on you….but not so silently that it passes without the appropriate glass of something that cheers and, with luck, inebriates.

    I came to your blog via Perpetua…that tremendous sharer of good things – and so have to thank not only you but also her for all the pleasure your blog gives me…not to speak of the good excuse to open a cold bottle of Torrones from Chile.

    Looking forward to the third anniversary….

    • Helen! My favourite banana republic Queen of dry humour and satire 🙂 The feeling is mutual – your vision of life in France and in Costa Rica are a real pleasure to read. Perpetua has a lot of good things to answer for 🙂 Pass the Torrones, I’ve finished my glass. yep, already.

  8. You express yourself so well, MM. I’m envious. I’m not sure about follow-through though! 😆 I LOVED your video. The look on blondie’s face, tattoo’s tears. Brilliant. I watched all 8 mins, 19 seconds of it and grinned all the way through!

    • I’m glad to have you along for the ride, WWN. I get to travel in good company without leaving the comfort of my kitchen. I can’t help wondering what will happen when (if?)you two finally find a place you’d like to settle, though… you’ll need a heap of unusual pets to jeep you happy and remind you of your travels!
      the video had me all emotional this morning when I woke up – I loved the three nuns leaping up and down in joy, and the rocker getting emotional was more than this droopy drawers could bear.

      • Very cool video. As for us – once we settle, I think we’ll keep traveling. Himself will get cabin fever. We might even (hope! hope!) be coming through your neck of the woods. Wherever we are, there will be more stories to tell.

  9. You’ll like it…it’s a New World grape, supposedly descended from vines taken from Europe to California to make communion wine in the missions.
    All I can say is that it seems to have undergone a sea change on the way to Chile and produces a splendid white wine!

  10. Happy Birthday my cyber friend!!! You expressed so well the sentiments I feel about the special community of people I have met and interact with through our blogs. Two years!! … wow.
    I hope you will continue for many, many more 🙂
    Loved the link to The Voice. The blind auditions are my favourite part of the show and usually the only part I ever watch. Seeing it in Italian was pretty amazing … as was their reaction when they turned their chairs. Loved it!

    • Joanne, my public transport good fairy 🙂 I’m feeling old. Some of my first followers have stopped blogging or gone into cyber comas… sniff. I intent to continue until I have finally learned to knit pullovers and socks (i.e. no time soon). Wasn’t the video wonderful? The blonde’s face was a picture, and the rocker telling her that if she’d sung at mass when he was a child he would have gone more often was too lovely for words.

    • Yoh, Annie 🙂 I’m most honoured to know that I produce chuckles far away in Turkey. You, Gypsy and I met via the Expats blog competitions – we’re a bit like Charlie’s Angels. How about calling ourselves the Metaphor Maids ? 🙂

  11. I’m a newbie to your blog ,well I’m loving it ,always gives me a smile and I’m starting to look forward to them . Thank you and happy birthday now for number 3 x

    • Hello Julie! Welcome to the madhouse! Grab a glass of wine (uh, maybe not for breakfast… uh… coffee?) and take a seat (ask Duncan to move up a bit on the sofa, and put his dogs on the floor). Delighted to have you along for the ride 😀

  12. Happy Buffday to you. I will raise a glass or two of wine to your health and your wonderful blog.

    All the best

    Pecora Nera, Mrs Sensible and the scabby white cat.

  13. I have just had a catch up fest of your posts. Not sure how I bumped into you, but I am so glad I did. You always bring a smile and often a good old belly laugh. I just get a little bit scared on the grammar front! My grammar not yours! Keep up the fab posts.

  14. Happy Birthday!! The friendships are such an unexpected part of it all aren’t they. We’ve even met new great friends in real life as a result of it. Granted, one of them is Pecora Nera, so you can’t have it all, but still… Here’s to the next two years (and beyond, obviously…) of one of my favourite blogs!

    • Thank you! PN is a sweetheart, and you are very lucky to have met him in all his Heinz spaghetti loop, Scooby Doo-esque reality. Mrs Sensible sounds like one fabulous lady too. Are you having any luck in the supermarket with Bee tacked on your front?

  15. A very Happy Blogging Birthday to you! Long may it continue – I’m raising a glass of chilled prosecco (obviously) to you as I type. The singing nun is totally awesome. As are you 🙂

  16. Happy Blogging Birthday! I have enjoyed all of your posts, and eagerly await them ‘pinging’ into my Inbox. Here’s to the next two years (I would raise a glass of rose if I had one, so will a cup of peppermint tea do in the meantime?) of blogging fun!

  17. I wish I understood Italian so I could savor every word of praise for the young nun. She is amazing and I’m so glad you share the video. Congratulations on your blogiversary! It really is rather amazing to me, too, to experience the connecting and sharing that comes through such a simple medium. The first time I got a comment that didn’t come from a family member I was amazed, almost wondering where that person could have come from and how did they find me? Now, I just look forward to each person stopping by to say hello. I hope you have many more years of sharing your wonderful meanderings. 🙂

    • There is a subtitle button at the bottom right. The comments are fabulous – well worth the time.
      I’ve been enjoying reading about your day to day life since the post before you fell off the kern. If that makes sense.

  18. 😀 Happy blog birthday! (Belated, of course, I’m always on time when offline, and always late in my online world… I’m sure that says something about me, but I can’t figure out what.) “Thank you for the follow-through” is a WONDERFUL sentiment.
    Thank you for the video, too– I had never seen it. It’s awesome! 🙂

  19. Late to the party as always lately it seems! Happy anniversary! I cannot remember what wonders of the blogosphere bought me to you… I think it may have been comments I read on PN’s blog (another one I desperately need to catch up with :/), which made me laugh and click the link which brought me here and I’ve been chuckling (and often belly laughing) steadily since! I love your humour and style of writing and look forward to many more years of laughing with you… I will raise a glass of red to you later (it’s a bit early to get away with it just now!) Cheers to you MM! 🙂

  20. Happy blogging birthday, MM. I bless the day I stumbled across your blog and was sucked into your wonderfully comic accounts of life chez toi. Keep writing and we’ll keep reading and loving it. 🙂

    PS What on earth has WordPress done to their smilies? I feel quite disoriented…..

    • Thank you, Miss P. You have been following this blog for sooooooo long, you’re a veteran! I won’t be stopping any time soon.
      I agree with you. They are quietly changing bits and bobs in the WordPress platform – all a bit strange to wake up and see that something else has changed overnight.

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