Daily Post: Why I will never be a Febreze Fairy.

A recent Daily Prompt asks what task we enjoy the least in our homes.  Well, to be honest… I hate them all.
I am reblogging this post explaining why I will never be a Febreze Fairy. My apologies to those of you for whom the reading of this little number is already done… and dusted 🙂

Multifarious meanderings

PF knows that I am not the kind of woman who hits the Prozac if HMS Bogbrush doesn’t circumnavigate the toilet rim on a daily basis. He will arrive home tonight, and sigh in despair. As his forehead furrows, his eyebrows will lunge towards each other like two caterpillars that are hell-bent on copulating on the end of his nose. (OK, so caterpillars don’t copulate. But I bet they would if they could.)

He often enquires why I’m not houseproud. The only answer that comes to mind immediately is that if I was, he wouldn’t be able to draw hearts in the dust to declare his undying love for me. But there are other reasons why I don’t have “Purgo, ergo sum” tattooed on my forehead. So here is why I will never be a Febreze Fairy, in five easy points.

1)  I am not my mother-in-law.

Don’t get…

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7 thoughts on “Daily Post: Why I will never be a Febreze Fairy.

  1. I thought it looked familiar, then I found my original comment and all became clear as I had not read all the way down to the bottom of the paragraph. Will that teach me? I doubt it..;

    Rugby Boy’s Febreze Fairy with the loo brush is a corker.

    I dare not invite anyone to my house (except my DB) except on Fridays after dear Charlotte has rendered my home civilised. Even by Saturday things have gone drastically downhill.

    For the municipales, I’d like to do a ‘café rencontre’ at my place for a few neighbours to meet the wannabe maire (no more than 3 if they want to sit down… slight exaggeration) but they are held on a Wednesday by which time my house is not fit for man or beast, only adolescent boys… Maybe I’d better leave it to those who have more time, more space and zero boys…

    • Glad I didn’t catch you out. This seemed to be the best post for the Daily Post – I don’t usually reblog my own stuff.
      You’re brave signing up for supporting a list in the elections… watch out for the snide comments from neighbors who have always voted for the Mayor and will not be changing their minds…
      I’m trying to keep my head down – the team I was in in the Alsace is running for a second term, and the opposition includes people I know up there… Agggh. I think that the mud-slinging here in the village is going to be fun – must remember to buy some popcorn -)

      • I stirred up the shit a couple of times on my blog which, although written in English was discovered by someone in the village and exaggerated out of all proportion, and the locals got all uppity in the comments sections. One insult was that as I Brit, we drive on the left. That one really shook me to the core…

        I asked them politely to criticise what I wrote rather than fling personal insults but they just couldn’t. It reminded me of happy times in the playground with girls yelling things like “You smell” at each other. So I removed the offending posts by making them private. That was a few years ago, wonder if anyone will remember. 🙂

      • It is a well known fact that people who drive on the left aren’t allowed to give their opinion about the town they live in and pay taxes in, Sarah – didn’t anybody tell you? Sigh. I’d like to read the posts – are the comments still on there? I’m wondering how long I’ll resist the temptation of posting about local politics too 🙂

      • I won’t repost (might not be the best time) them but I’ll find a way to send them to you. 🙂

      • Can you email me and I’ll send you a link to the previews as they have all the comments in glorious Technicolor!

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