English: Uncle Sam recruiting poster.

HAVE YOU VOTED? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s time for a brazen, unabashed plea for help. Yup, I know, I need help.

Today is the last day for voting on the Expats Blog writing contest. Thank you, thank you, thank you to those of you who have already taken the time to read and comment on my entry. I will love you all for ever and ever.

Anyone who missed my previous pleas for help: I will, of course, also love you for ever and ever. But you can still put a vote in by clicking on this link before 21h GMT tonight, and I’ll share my Smarties with you too.


38 thoughts on “MM NEEDS YOU!

  1. OK Mrs Sensible has voted, I then took my laptop down to the garage and Scooby Doo also voted. However Scooby Doo said “me meow meeeoooow meeeeeeoooow oww oww meeow” I am not very good with foreign languages (especially Machiavellian Italian cat dialect) , but I think he said something about his bits are freezing off in the garage and could you do something about it.

    I hope you win PN

  2. “Please note that there MAY BE A DELAY BEFORE PUBLISHING comments, so don’t worry! ”

    Hhmm, I left a comment yesterday and it still hasn’t appeared. Just how long is this delay you shouldn’t be worried about? Surely, someone by now on that blog has had time to read my comment and publish it!

    If it hasn’t appeared by closing time, demand a recount on the grounds you have been nobbled – some of your ‘votes’ have not been counted

    • finally sent me an email at 20.50 to confirm my address ::roll:

      [can’t even remember what my comment was now – but probably something ‘cheeky’] πŸ˜†

      • Hurray, hurray! (said with best jolly-what-not, post war-time heroΓ―ne voice). THey probably had a meeting about your comment before they let it through, Duncan – must be Top Secret stuff. It’s still not on there, though… Apla in the States is wondering if her comment’s been eaten, too….

  3. I’ve read the opposition and you’re miles ahead on content and style…but the Americans-who-love-other-Americans-writing- about-France networking machine is hard to beat on figures… let’s hope the judges go with excellence as opposed to how many people are brought into contact with the Expats Blog website from a particular contributor.
    Fingers crossed!

    • Cheers, Helen. it’s fair does I suppose – the name of the game is to get the most votes, and we’re all asking people to vote – the more followers you have on your blog and social networks, the more support you have… There is a selection by the jury for their favourite posts, and in March I was astonished to have won first prize although I only had seven comments. I practically fell off my chair. So wait and see…

  4. Will keep my fingers crossed for you (and me too!!) There sure were a lot of entries and the standard was pretty high but it was fun to enter πŸ˜‰

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