Daily Prompt: Vice.

I love listening to seagulls. The way they cry in a blustering winter sky can reduce me to tears – it takes me right back to my childhood, when I woke up every morning to the sound of their plaintive call above my attic bedroom.

But in town,Β they are awful creatures. They crap on everything, whether it moves or not. They attack tourists eating fish and chips, beat up postmen on their rounds, and have even been rumoured to pick on small dogs.

Today’s daily prompt asks for photos showing vice, and I immediately thought of my seagull pals. Here are a few snaps showing how lofty (haha), arrogant, self-important, proud and defiant they are.

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63 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Vice.

    • You don’t want to invite Sid and his pals round, they’d remove your guests’ eyeballs and disappear with the buffet before you have the time to say “shotgun” (for the gulls, not for the wedding, huh).

  1. Poor birds…they have a right to enjoy fish and chips too! πŸ˜‰

    Here the focus is on pigeons. I always end up feeling sorry for them too. I tend to check there’s no local bobby around and then feed them anyway.

    I think it’s the only thing I’ve ever done that is technically breaking the law! x

  2. Yes they are like pigeons but I still like them and have worn the best from them :> How nice to grow up near the ocean! Also support coming attcha !

    • You have worn the best from them? Do you have a neckace made of seagull beaks? I love going home, the first thing i do is go to the cliffs and do my Wuthering Heights impression. Thanks for the support, you’re an angel!

      • You are welcome and I thought for certain you would understand that one shit on me from the top of my head, down my face and neck. Is that graphic enough : ) And I still am mesmerized by them !

      • LOL! I need to get out more often. It’s been a hard day.. πŸ™‚ I quite like the idea of a full Indian costume made of feather headdress and beak necklace. What do you think?

      • Yes but you can’t catch those damn birds and if you did then we would have to eat them to use the meat and THEN make the necklace. However, once you have collected enough carcasses I will gladly assist in making of said headdress !

  3. I like seeing them wheeling and dealing in the air. They remind me of ticket touts and racecourse bookmakers – the ones waving their arms about. But better looking…

  4. Hmmm, not sure where I stand on seagulls…I think, on the whole, I quite like them. I’ve been dumped on by a pigeon and had my car totally covered in starling crap but seagulls have always pooped elsewhere. Up the seagulls!

  5. Love the sound – very evocative of so many seaside visits – hate the reality. I was surrounded by seagulls as I picnicked on Porth Beach. The evil monsters kept creeping up on me and showed no fear when I ran after them screaming like a banshee. Very entertaining for himself!

  6. Ohhh ! Overhere I am bored with flies … You can’t imagine how many of them I can kill in one day. Our house is next to a riding school: so even if we are in Decembre you can catch some through the kitchen or living room ! I am turning Crazy !

    • Poor you 😦 We get flies here in late summer, they drive me up the pole. I’ve tried everything and the only solution that works is…. the gluey yellow ribbon dangling from the ceiling. There’s nothing more disgusting than a ribbon covered with dying or decaying fly corpses, but at least they’re not on my food.

      • Ahah we had those ribbons too. They are awful but, yes, they worked pretty well.. I decided to take them off for christmas, I don’t want my kids to think it is the common way to decorate a house for december ^^

  7. Great photos! I too love the sound of seagulls… I hear them quite often as I live near the sea but they always without fail make me think of Cornwall. My daughter went to Uni in Falmouth and she had many tales to tell about the seagulls ripping black bin bags to shreds and stalking her and her friends whenever there were pasties of chips in hand! πŸ™‚

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