“Sinus,” the Award-winning Snail.

Today, MM comes to you in snail form. Call me Sinus, the blogging snail. I am sliding aimlessly around the house with my eyes poking out on sticks. My head is my shell – a football full of snot teetering dangerously above my field of vision, wobbling heavily and threatening to make me keel over and sink like the Titanic every time I move. A blanket of fudge has set up home between my brain and my skull, and is slowly expanding – or so it feels. My upper teeth are rearing at the bit, in a desperate attempt to bolt from their paddock and charge out to pastures new. Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of chronic sinusitis, which reduces happy bloggers to gibbering wrecks.

English: The white-lipped snail (Cepaea horten...

Sunny Sinus, alias MM, creeping up the stairs.  (Cepaea hortensis). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, in this world of mucosal morosity, there is a little light shining. I recently got a lovely note from Scripting Happiness, telling me that she has nominated me for the Sunshine Award. My first reaction was to grin – even snotty snails need recognition as much as the next man. My second was to feel a huge stab of bloggery angst, pull on my bad-girl-WordPress-blogger-hair-shirt and feel as guilty as Smelly Dog did when she ate the blackcurrant tart with Murphy the cat.

You see, I’ve had lots of nominations from other lovely bloggers, and although I said thank you, I never posted about them. Please accept my apologies – I really, truly appreciate being appreciated and I love you bloggers right back (although I’ll keep my germs to myself). But if I answer my backlog of awards now, I’ll have to batten down the hatches and dribble mucus on my keyboard for weeks on end.

So here is what I suggest. Awards generally ask you to write ten things about yourself, so I will put ten things here about myself.

Then I’d like to twist the award rules slightly, as I should then nominate a number of blogs. The problem is that there are so many, I’d feel awful about limiting my list. So I’m going to ask YOU to present YOUR blog in the comments section. Yes, YOU. I want this post to be a “get up, get down groove, move and get to know each other’s blogs post”. Deal?

Ten random facts about MM.


1. I transform into Sinus the Snail on a regular basis because of bad facial plumbing. But you already know that.

2. I firmly believe that the best things in life are free, and that people look in all the wrong places for happiness. Most often it’s sitting right in front of you for the taking, in the form of a beautiful view, a good belly laugh with your children, or a stomp in the leaves.


3. I want to be a writer when I grow up. I want to write stuff to make big girls laugh out loud on the train when they’re travelling alone so that they make other people smile too. But I don’t know when I’m supposed to grow up.

4. I am addicted to salted peanuts. I did give up, for six months, then someone put a bowl of them on the table and all those peanuts got together and pleaded for me to eat them. Honest.

5. I once chased gypsies along the main road wearing nothing but my bikini bottoms, and screaming like a banshee. They ran faster than me, and they had the bag containing my clothes and my car keys.

6. I love singing Mahna-Mahna from the Muppets, and I can’t listen to choirs singing without getting goosebumps and bawling my eyes out.

7. I once hid behind a curtain and scoffed petits fours with Miss Tahiti. We had great fun, but I was on look-out duty because she wasn’t allowed any of the stuff on the buffet. That’s what you call girl power.

8. I have worked as a trouser inspector. I inspected, but there were no men inside them.

9. When I was in my early twenties, I gate-crashed Richard Branson’s birthday party in my VW Beetle by mistake. He waved very kindly and ushered us in as PF muttered “Who’s that prat?”. I remind him who that rich prat was every time I top up his Virgin mobile card.

10. I have discovered a whole new fabulous gang of friends since I entered the wonderful world of blogging, and would like you all to know what a difference you all make to my day. Yup, sappy, but true.

Now it’s your turn!

87 thoughts on ““Sinus,” the Award-winning Snail.

  1. I have a real aversion to awards so please don’t nominate me. Very impressive 10 things by the way and sorry to hear about the sinus..that must be hell. Have to say that I’ve never heard of Mahna, Mahna and as there are no speakers on my computer I still don’t know if it would reduce me to tears:)

  2. Can’t get the thought of you chasing those gypsies out of my mind 😆 And yes salted peanuts speak to me too. About the Branson party….wow! you aren’t pulling a fast one are you??? Congratulations on your award! This acknowledgement deserves another 🙂

    • I think part of the reason they ran was because they thought Godzilla in a g-string was after them. The Branson story is true. If Lewis Carrol hadn’t written the story before Branson was born, I would have sworn he got the Cheshire cat grin idea from Mr Branson’s smile.

  3. Sorry you’re poorly – but glad to here it snot serious 😆

    P.S. thanks for the mental image of you chasing after gypsies clad only in bikini bottoms (you, that is – not them). In my imagining of the scene there is music accompanying the chase – ‘Saxety Sax’ that Benny Hiil used to close his shows with 😆

    • It was a long time ago Duncan, I’d get my feet tangled in my boobs now 🙂 It was a very Benny Hill-style moment, actually. Snot serious? Warf warf. I’m off to see the local witch doctor this afternoon, and I’ll see what she reckons.

  4. Hope you feel better soon… although I must say that is the best description I’ve heard of that ailment… you must be a riot when the Doctor asks you whats wrong… Loved it…

    • Thanks for the well wishes. The doc was late, and got her money’s worth of MM humour when I finally got in – she’s used to me now but her eyebrows hit the ceiling the first few times I went to see her. She told me today that patients “rarely describe their symptoms the way they’re described in medical school”, which made me feel better.

    • Thanks, PN. Antibiotics and cortisone are the name of the game to get rid of the little critters banging on my facial pipes. You want a post about my topless gypsy hunt? Challenge accepted. Watch this space 🙂

      • Oh no 😦 Poor Mrs Sensible. I hope she feels better soon. Did her chilblain give it too her? Make sure you look after her properly. Lots of TLC. I hope you are applying her theory and keeping the alcohol in the cupboard until she gets better.

      • I have some red wine hidden under the sink in a grappa bottle. TLC, now that is a new one does it mean total lack of care?

      • Pfft. Really, PN. TLC: Tender Loving Care. Now put down that grappa bottle and get back to reading Mrs Sensible a chapter of Peter Pan. Then you can fly around the room twice before you switch the light off 🙂

      • I am sat on the settee typing with one finger while I massage her feet with my other hand. These are the feet she has been standing on all day while she teaches her chilblains. Now I need a glass of wine

  5. Are we all twisted or what? Everybody is focusing on your topless tale – not just the men! Well Miss Scripting beat me to the punch. I’ve got you on my list for the Sunshine Award and now I have to TAKE YOU OFF and think some more. PF and Himself would get on well. Prat is about the kindest thing he could say about that person. I hate that sinus thing for you. Feel better soon.

  6. I’m concentrating on your favourite muppet song. I once saw a chorus of dogs singing ‘I get by with a little yelp from my friends’ on the Muppet show and have never forgotten it.

    • Warch out, it’s one of those songs that gets stuck in your mind and stays there all day, even when you’re trying to concentrate on something important (not very compatible with language dilemmas).I didn’t know that muppet beatles cover -I’ll try to find it! thanks!

    • Hey, Miss Cuttlefish! How’s Sir Porridge? He seems to have gone quiet recently… have you eaten him? Thanks for the get-well wishes. I have just been to the pharmacie to see the lady who tutts as she writes on the varnished boxes, and I’ve got myself a pain au chocolat for creature comfort. Keep laughing. It makes people suspicious. 😀

  7. Sorry I haven’t been around, but I thought you’d gone off somewhere. WordPress has stopped notifying me when blogs I subscribe to by email are posted. Like WTF! Even when I try re-subscribing, they’re having none of it. I suspect a conspiracy…

    Anyway, sorry to hear you’ve been poorly. Sinuses are a bugger aren’t they? Do you have to have them hoovered out from time to time?

    • Sarah!!! You’re baaaaaaack! **Haaaaaappy dance** (albeit cautious, snot-ridden one). I thought you didn’t love me any more, or you’d been swept away on motorback with your prince charming and your gold birthday knickers 😦 I like the idea of getting the sinuses hoovered out – do you think my hoover will do the trick ?

      • I’ve found a solution, you’ll find you on my left side bar, so now there’s NO ESCAPE! 🙂 PN too. 🙂

        My mind is boggling at the thought of your hoover hoovering out your sinuses and wondering if it would suck your brain out too. That’s how they prepared the mummies in ancient Egypt wasn’t it? Except maybe they had a slave who sucked out the (sinuses and) brain through a bamboo straw…

        Bet they thought they’d pulled the short straw that day! 😀

  8. Anyone who doesn’t love the Mahna-Mahna song isn’t a real music lover – it’s a classic! Did you chase the gypsies from the Richard Branson party?? Definitely need to hear more about that 😉

    Hope you get take it easy and better soon; sinus problems are nothing to sneeze at…

    • Do doooh do do doo to you, BW:-) No, the gypsies weren’t at Branson’s party, they would have run off with his hot air balloons. I will get writing that post asap; I get the feeling it’s created some interest! I’m curled up inside with Rugby Boy, have cancelled all outside activity for the day and am waiting for the doctor’s magic potions to start working. If not, I’ll try out Sarah’s hoover idea.

  9. Another vote here for a post on number 5. 🙂 I also agree entirely with number 2 and reckon number 3 is already coming true. Sorry to hear the sinuses are playing up again.Sinus trouble is horrid and I really hope you feel better soon.

    Now to see whether I can post this. WordPress has been kicking me off every time I’ve tried so fingers crossed it’s third time lucky.

    • Thanks, Miss p. Currently tired out by the cortisone, that gets me all revved up and doesn’t help given the head situation. Hope I’ll be able to sleep tonight.. otherwise I’ll write “that” post. You’re not the only blogger blogger to be having problems with wordpress recently.. is this a plot? Hmm….

  10. gosh I must be the only one in your group of blogging buddies who does not know the Mahna-Mahna song…. maybe the Muppets were “before” or “after” my time (shows how old or young I am)….. glad I met you in blogoland, MM. I think it was when I was searching Marmite for a bet me and PN had going…. (you know the theory: six degrees of Marmite separations….)

    ok so we introduce ourselves: we are two adventurers from London (Mr C and Ms E) who blog about the renovation of our holiday home in Croatia (our very own Place in the Sun) where we’ve experienced cowboy builders, a crazy local who sued us for 1 Million Kuna, a house that “looked like Beirut”, a Croatian Karate dentist, boilers which fall from the walls (I didn’t touch it, honest..) and singing donkeys. Check it out in our blog, it’s all true.
    We enjoy a bit of banter with fellow bloggers (especially MM and PN) and can laugh with others, and at ourselves, enjoying every minute of life as much as we can.

    hope you feel better soon MM!! not nice being a snail (you get EATEN in France, just for being a snail…) 🙂 🙂

    • Hi OAC! I’m glad we met too – I think you’re one of my veteran readers. We go back yeeears, honey….. hang on a mo…. Yup, here’s your first comment, in October 2012:
      ” I’ve read your post, and thank you for visiting my blog (and I am glad I am no longer following Patrick Latter…)” 😀 😀 Patrick Latter, serial liker…. remember him?
      PN and Marmite, the winning team.
      Thanks for playing the game and introducing yourself – everyone seems so goddam shy in this place!
      I want a singing donkey now. I’m off to take my cortisone and magic pills now. MM against the germs, day two.

      • PS Whadayya mean, you’ve bever heard the Muppets before? You never watched Kermit and Miss Piggy? OMG. YOu are sooooo rare you will be sold as a collector’s item if you’re not careful 😀

      • There are a few still knocking around – you know, the ones who read your post in ten seconds flat but never comment, follow your blog for ages but strangely never react. Some people are shy, and read but don’t comment, but some just leave their gravatar to attract people to their blogs and inflate numbers artificially – what’s the point of having thousands of readers if nobody interacts? I’ve seen blogs where the only comments are “thanks for the follow”, or “thanks for the like”, yet there are gadzillions of followers. Quite sad really 😦

  11. I’m a bit late joining in, but you know what they say – better late than never… 😉
    Here’s a short introduction to me. My blog title is ‘I used to be indecisive, but now I’m not so sure’ because of two reasons – I couldn’t quite decide what to make the main subject of my blog and the second reason is that I couldn’t quite decide on a title for my blog. I blog mainly about all sorts of silly things that come into my mind. Over my three years of blogging I have realised that in real life I am actually a lot more indecisive than I ever thought I was!
    MM, I am sorry to hear about your sinus troubles – I am suffering from Sinus Snail’s distant cousin at the moment. He is not quite as forceful as Sinus Snail, but he is certainly making his presence known, along with his best buddy Hacking Cough. Hope you feel better soon.

    • Hi, Elaine! Thanks for the run-down on your blog. I’m having fun here! I loved the title of your blog, and I love Snoopy too – that’s how I ended up discovering your sweety jar full of fun posts 🙂
      Sorry to hear that you’re sick too. Maybe we should swap those black jacks and fruit salad sweets for a dish full of antibiotics in front of Dr Who…

  12. I’m sorry I didn’t join in first time round, MM, but with WP refusing to co-operate i didn’t want to write reams and lose it all. Now things have quietened down, here goes. I’m late middle-aged (I refuse to be old until I’m 70!) retired for the second time(first time librarian, second time vicar) and now blog about what can only be called a peripatetic retirement with my DH, splitting the year between Wales, Scotland and France. This year has been a bit of an exception due to circumstances beyond our control, but next year there’ll be no holding us. 🙂

    • No probs, Miss P – appparently WP is being a tad difficult with blogger bloggers. I don’t agree with the word “old”. “Mature” sounds better – just like wine and cheddar cheese, the more time you’ve experienced, the better the quality!! I have great fun reading your blog, and the fact that you were a vicar particularly interested me when I read your “about” page, as my Dad is an Anglican priest, and is now “retired three days a week”… Yup, scoop, MM is the vicar’s daughter 🙂

  13. Well, I thought I had funny anecdotes…but I’m not so surprised we have much in common…Yep, even the sinus thing. My significant other often says I’m one giant sinus.
    (I’m sure you’re happy to know about that.) Mahna Mahna is a perfect song to blow some parenting madness steam. I personnally can’t help to sing “mais non mais non” although my daughter loooooooooves the muppets version.

    I see none of your blogger friends presented their blog…Mine is written in French, so well, what’s the point, right? (although i’m working on a short story in english right now)
    I’m curious about you: have you always wanted to write?why?

    • OMG!! Chicken and egg dilemma in process….. who came first, “mais non mais non”, or Mahna Mahna? Shock, scandal!!!!
      You’re a sinus snail too, huh? I feel less lonely now. But it’d be nicer to share a bag of M&M’s, don’t you think? 🙂
      Everyone seems to be very shy about presenting their blogs. Yours is great , and I’m looking forward to reading your English post!
      I’ve always loved writing – I’m very talkative in real life, and getting it down on paper gives my family a break. No, seriously, it’s my parents’ fault – when I was small, they went and bought me books, took me to to the library and threw away the TV. Nothing worse to a get a kid’s creative juices flowing and get them hooked on reading and writing. 🙂

  14. This was a very capable description of both sinusitis and snailness. Well done, my friend! And somehow you’ve managed to pull THIS out of that sinus-infected-snail-brain. LOVED the illustrations and everything about this post.

    • Hello Katia!! Thank you… sounds like you’ve been there too if you recognise the symptoms… It’s amazing how beneficial that cortisone can be for writing, to say nothing of the domestic tornado I brewed up yesterday. I woke up in a whole new house! (I thank my sponsor, Prednisolone). I’m off to read your latest post now – why is WP messing up with the delivery system? Grrr.

  15. I agree with your No.2 100% and No.3 you are already doing! I laugh out loud all the time when I’m reading your posts, in fact a smile spreads across my face whenever I see your little gravatar anywhere because I know I’m gonna love whatever it is you’ve written, be it post or comment! The gypsie image had me in hysterics and like most people here, I’m looking forward to hearing more on that one! Love the girl power hiding behind curtains with Miss Tahiti eating forbidden loveliness! It’s been a few days since you posted this (as you know, I’m on catch up!) how are the sinuses, any clearer? Poor you! 😦
    By the way, you are not alone in the feeling guilty department… I too have a few awards that I haven’t yet passed on and feel awful for it… it’s going to be a bit of a mission sorting them all out! Maybe I’ll take a leaf out of your book or try to do them all in one whammy post! 😉

    • P.S. Forgot about the ‘introducing myself’ bit… not great at that sort of thing so I’ll just say… I love photography, it simple makes me happy! Only an amateur but anyone who fancies stopping by and taking a look is very welcome… bring a coffee (or a glass of your favourite tipple) and put your feet up for a bit 😀
      Will that do?

    • Thanks, TAC 🙂 I’m not feeling very entertaining at the moment – my head feels worse that it did before the antibiotics this afternoon. I’m going to curl up on my bed and seek inspiration for the gypsy post, in the hope that these damned sinuses unplug themselves so that I can get my mind straight and the funny juices flowing again (gosh, that sounds rude).

  16. What a lovely – and as usual hilarious – post.
    I have been unwell too, but it was at the botty end so I had better say no more. I hope your sinuses get better soon. I had chronic sinusitis for about 15 years then eventually decided to take antibiotics non-stop for A WHOLE YEAR which cleared it up and, let me tell you, was absolutely worth it.

    Since you did invite us to do this, and I happen to have just created a new blog, here it is:
    With info about my novel “Evil Eye”.

    I have said this before, but I shall say it again, I cannot wait for you to publish a book.
    You could just stick all your blog posts so far into a kind of monologue and I would buy it for all my friends for Christmas. Seriously.

    • You’ve written a book? Oh this is soooo exciting! Congratulations! I’m putting it on my Christmas list. Now. I will be good. Very, very good. I’ll even try to match up PF’s stray socks. I’d love to publish my musings, but need to find a publisher for short story-style books – apparently not many do it these days. Any ideas?

      • Well, my first publisher didn’t pay me any royalties, so finding a publisher doesn’t always mean you’ve got the whole thing sorted.
        I met two already published authors a few months ago, one American and one English, who are both having great difficulty getting their next novel published. The American one has won awards for both her books and they are both bestsellers – the third book in the series has been “accepted” but they are not actually going ahead and printing it – that just tells you how bad things are in the world of established publishing houses. The only books the established publishers think they can sell these days are non-fiction text books, trash books by celebrities (ghost written by anonymous writers) which all end up in Oxfam as soon as Christmas is over, soft porn, and very occasionally reprints of books that the author themselves already managed to make into a besteller online (“50 shades of grey” – which is also in the porn category anyway).
        Basically their message was that it’s all Kindle and self publishing these days and you have to do the promoting yourself. So I decided to do that, and published on Kindle and Amazon Createspace.
        I’ll let you know how it works out! My own philosophy is that, if people like your blog, then a certain percentage of them will buy your book sooner or later. If they are already in love with your blog style of writing then a book of short stories or anecdotes is likely to be popular, I think.
        I think you have to come up with a clever way of presenting and marketing it that has instant appeal – a great title and a fabulous one-line hook. That’s the bit I’m not much good at, unfortunately. 😦

    • How fabulous to have actually finished and published a book! Congratulations! I’m still on the finishing/editing stage where I’ve been for quite some time…any tips re writing, editing etc would be wonderful! Your book looks great and I have also added it to my Christmas list!

      • Have you seen the website youwriteon.com?
        If you subscribe there, you can upload an excerpt from your book (or a short story) and get reviews by other aspiring writers, in exchange for reviewing other people’s work. I found it a fantastic learning experience.
        I learned just as much (if not more) from thin king analytically about how other writers could improve their work, as I did from the reviews I got of my own writing. The site itself give advice and helps you structure your review so you consider all aspects, and this is also a very good course in helping you critique your own work.

      • Excellent, thank you. That’s not a site I’ve seen before but will head over there. I’m a bit nervous about sharing my work so this will be a good experience for me!

      • Ooh, thanks for pointing out the typo!
        Yes, Youwriteon is fully anonymous, so you can feel very safe there!!!
        You do rarely get the occasional idiot who makes all kinds of invalid criticisms of your work just for the sake of it (trolls I suppose) and it is very nice to be anonymous when that happens.

      • Thanks for all the advice you give – it’s reassuring to see that I’m not alone in wondering what publishers are after these days: quality or quick sales? When I hear people criticising indie publishing on the grounds that it is signing the demise of big publishing goups, I want to laugh- they don’t accept manuscripts so you have no choice. Then they pick up on your work and sign you on. You prove you’re good before they take a chance…

      • Both the published authors I got to know this summer described them as “parasites” for that reason – they don’t even bother to market or promote authors’ work, the author has to do it and, as you say, nowadays they have to do it up front before they will even get involved.
        I think the big publishers created the first problem when they decided to outsource all their hunting for new authors and material to agents, and refused to accept submissions themselves, as this meant they had no control over the quality of the commodity they were selling.
        Next, the agents made themselves far less commercially competitive than they should have been, since 75% of what the average agent offers to publishers is written by his or her friends rather than submissions from strangers – no industry can succeed when it relies on nepotism more than the quality of its product. If you consider JK Rowling got refusals for over a year before Harry Potter was accepted, you can easily understand that agents are not geniuses who can spot a bestseller, they are obstacles who are just giving their friends a leg up.
        Then, finally, the whole industry made itself irrelevant when it reacted to the electronic and POD publishing revolution by becoming even more of a closed shop, and only publishing things like a cookery book written by a bunny from the Playboy Mansion, instead of opening up and realising it needed to go out and find quality manuscripts to offer.
        They could have started to learn about marketing and actually “sold” some books instead of waiting for them to sell themselves, but it is too late now.
        The only area in which traditional publishers are still competitive is books with lots of colour illustrations, which need a huge print run to be commercially viable and don’t display well electronically.
        Nowadays fewer people read books anyway, not only because the bookshops are all disappearing but also because many of them – especially the younger generation – spend all their time using Twitter, Facebook and so on and “don’t have time” to read anything more substantial. I do worry about what may hapen to our language as the overall mastery of sentence construction continues to deteriorate into msgs wrtn with ppls thumbs.

      • Very interesting comments there. I guess it’s a good job a lot of us are writing for pleasure and satisfaction rather than the hope of fame and riches as it doesn’t sound like our changes of publication are very high.

        ps I have signed up to Youwriteon and have had my first review – quite critical but constructive too! Thank you for putting me onto the site.

  17. I actually decided to take a peak at your blog after seeing your introduction on Andra Watkin’s blog re: Connection. So glad I did- in fact I may have caught your sinusitis! The introduction to my latest blog post “Wonderday…” describes the condition I intend to completely overcome by tomorrow morning. Now after reading your post I hope it really doesn’t last that long. Oh dear.

    • Hello, Laura! I’m glad you decided to pop round, fellow plugged-pipes-person 🙂 I’m still feeling grotty and snotty – I’ll head over to your page and check out your masterplan for getting over it in 24 hours (I’m buying if it works).

      • My remedy? I am getting pretty close to unhindered breathing which as you know is pretty exciting right now. 1) drowned myself in tea of all kinds. Black, green, herbal. At that stage in which my tongue felt like felt and I couldn’t taste a thing, I made a strong tea of “pickling spices” from a spice shop, and out of desperation I added more cloves and peppercorns. 2) allowed myself to obssess over tissues. I’d chant to myself (inside voices) “out! out! out!” 3) lots of movies that make me laugh and/or cry a lot. I hate to admit “love, actually” was one of them. 4) I annointed myself with mentholated ointment all over my chest and face and ears- yeah I was real sexy. 5) 8PM bedtime with a shot of Nyquil to seal the coffin. 6) first thing in AM- curl your tongue hot strong black coffee. 😉

      • Wowsers, that’s one impressive cocktail – what happens if someone shakes you up and down? 😀 You’re very brave for the picking spices: you’re a real Lara Croft. I’m always curled around a strong black coffee, but it odesn’t seem to ward off the evil sinus spirit. I am now making myself a cup of green tea- you got me hankering for one! PS. I love watching “Love Actually”. Hugh Grant AND Liam Neeson in one film is enough to make any woman cry…

  18. How’s tricks, MM?! So you really ran topless chasing gypsies?! 🙂 Bow chica wow wow! Yes, please do write a post about this experience!! I’m glad I’m not the only mum who has a topless story to tell! Lol It’s good to see other mom bloggers who are truly comfortable with just being themselves. I have a hard time connecting with others who are, what my husband and I like to call, too fluffy. You keep it real, MM!

    My daughter is obsessed with the Muppets! She loves it so much!

    Does snotty snail mean you have allergies? My husband, son and the baby all have allergies, too. My husband has to take medicine from time to time. He’s constantly sneezing and blowing his nose. My son gets bloody noses sometimes. And the baby sneezes three times in a row at least 3 times a day! I hope you are feeling better!

    I knew you were a writer! I could tell by your writing style. I think your dream will come true! I am always so intrigued by your writing. I love it so! 🙂

    I had nominated you for a blog award (Versatile Blogger) a few weeks ago. I am happy to connect with you and I’m very thankful you read my writings and chat with me from time to time. Thank you so much! xx

    • Too fluffy, I like that 🙂 I’m less “open space” now than I used to be, but you’re right that “fluffy” people are sometimes the most complicated to understand because they hide so much and you have to dig to understand… The French term is much less elegant – they talk about people who have “a broomstick up their bum” 🙂
      The post has been published – it’s the most recent one. Thank you for the award – how did I not see that? Dammit. Time to get some specs. And I love coming over to your blog too 🙂

      • I like the broomstick expression, too! 🙂 I will read your post about the gypsies. Sorry, I overlooked it! I’m trying to catch up on all my blog reading. x

  19. Loved Sinus but sorry you are suffering. No.2- so true. No.3 – you are already making this big girl laugh out loud, but I’m not on a train, is that OK? No.5 – running half naked is one thing, but screaming like a banshee – have you no shame? No.6 – Welsh male voice choirs do it for me and I once had one sing for me in Limoges airport. A magical moment that brought a tear. I do a mean rendition of Mahna-Mahna but an even better Zip-a-dee-do-dah from Song of the South in the bumble bee voice. No.10 – thank you for your visits to my blog, even though I am rubbish at it at the moment, it is much appreciated.
    PS Hope you have recovered from your little cycling accident 😦

    • Hey, Deborah’s come round to play!!! (MM happy-dances across kitchen with fat smile on face). I haven’t “seen” (ahum) you for aaaaaaaages! How’s the house coming along? Zip-a-dee-doo-dah is one of my favourites too, along with “the bare necessities” from the Jungle Book. We should start a choir. I’m so glad to count you as one of my readers – I’m looking into publishing a collection of my drivellings at the moment so that I can accompany you folks outside the 3G zone…

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