Photo Challenge: Unexpected.

I couldn’t resist this challenge! There are so may things out there that catch my eye for their incongruous nature. Sometimes nature creates a heart from a tree stump. At other times, an old gate hides a funny little man with a flame hairstyle and a padlock nose. Turning down a corridor in an abandoned buildings, you can bump into the Grim Reaper guarding the door to the next floor… here are a few unexpected sights that Candide Canon and I have come across on our travels.

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50 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Unexpected.

  1. I can’t even pick a favorite!! Maybe the last one (O) I needed a good laugh! Have a great weekend.

  2. These were excellent! The shower guy is creepy as heck and I always appreciate photos with accidental penises because I am not a grownup and I do not see a rusty gate.

  3. Eek! That shower guy is creepy! Not sure I’d want to see the hanging one! The grim reaper is excellent… someone is very talented, if a little macabre in their thoughts! I bet that building had a really eerie feel about it! Your interpretation of the staircase design cracked me up and that little sculpture is very funny! πŸ™‚

  4. OMGosh! I had to slow the slide show down and pause it to see what the sculpture on the right was!! Hahaha!!! That is hilarious! I want one so I can give it to old lady who lives across the street from us. She’s on the Condo Association Board for our condo and she complains if our car tires are touching the grass. I really think this sculpture would be most appropriate for her!! πŸ˜€

    • LOL! I can find out how much they cost and give you the address if you like – it’s in the village just down the road. I just LOVE neighbourhood bossy-boots who think they run the place… Sometimes they get into very difficult waters that way.

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