Photo Challenge: Layers

Whilst I polish off the next post, I thought I’d put a few photos on line – it’s been a while.  This week’s photo challenge, “Layers,” reminded me of a few favourite photos, taken indoors and out. Hope you enjoy them. MM.

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35 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Layers

    • The cookies seem to be popular. You’re lucky I didn’t put the other pics up, or cookie-frustrated people would be holding up cookie stores all over the world. Cookie monsters, unite… come to MM’s pad, we have cookies 🙂

      • If we turn up unexpectedly, don’t be surprised. Our niece was 18 on Friday so we flew to Sicily on Saturday morning and flew back on Sunday. The surprise on her face was worth the pain of flying with Sleazy Jet and racing around Italy.

  1. Great photos for the challenge MM! They’re all great but those cookies do look yummy! I’m not long in from work and waiting for dinner to cook, I may have to raid the biscuits now! 😀

  2. I liked the cookie pic too, but I couldn’t help wonder who on earth had the patience to stack all these cookies ‘just so’ – and did they have the willpower not to eat any while doing so ?

    • Duncan, the worst thing is that thias is just one bit of one pile of cookies…. there is a whole line up of the bloody things – chocolate, vanilla, almond… it’s enough to drive you insane with greed. I have no idea who has the job of stacking them without applying the “one for the stack, one for me” principle”.

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