Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit.

The Weekly Photo Challenge asked for pictures of our habits, so here’s one of mine: Playing with Playmobils. Admittedly, (and luckily for my kids) I don’t do it every day.

Little My recently informed me that she had grown out of her Playmobil house. I protested hotly; she saw through all my lame excuses and kindly told me that if I wanted, I could keep it in my bedroom. I did. Partly because she may want to continue playing with it one day, and partly because… well… I enjoy creating alternative scenarios and taking photos of them.

PF was amused to find me playing quietly there after lunch today – the ideal occupation for a Sunday afternoon inside as the wind wails around the house. Here are a few of my creations over the years, depicting true life in Playmobilia (as opposed to the politically correct stuff our kids churn out). Hope you enjoy them.

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34 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit.

    • Now that’s a fabulous idea! Hmm… Have to get my hands on a Playmo Father Christmas. I already have the elves. Now for some handmade strike signs and some French riot policemen, and we’ll be on track for a bona fide French Christmas 🙂

  1. When my kids were young we were all addicted. I still have 100000000’s in the attic : ) Nice habit !

  2. Fabulous pictures! Am tempted to have a go with the Sylvanians – mind you, they’re quite a peaceful tribe, not sure how they’ll relate to all that domestic violence!

  3. Love it, MM. 🙂 If it’s any consolation, you’re not alone in your love of miniature scenes. My 56 year-old youngest sister is egrossed in furnishing her new dolls’ house in early Victorian style. 🙂

    • I never had Playmo’s, either: I climbed trees and played with bricks, Lego and Mecano, like all little girls do(n’t).As for kicking the can: I was told either not to touch it or to be responsible and put it in the nearest bin. In any case, it’s preferable to kick the can than kick the bucket.

  4. Still popping by and loving your blog. I download it to Word when I get a Wi-Fi connection and read it when I get home. It’s my little fix that I look forward to. Sadly it means I rarely get to leave you a comment. So here goes; Love your Playmobil antics, hilarious (not sure it is quite what the manufacturers had in mind though!). Sleeping Blogs; I was reading one about a young girl cycling around Europe and the posts stopped mid trip. I wish I knew why and that she is safe. Song lyrics; Desmond Dekker, The Israelites – “Wake up in the morning baked beans for breakfast ……….. ooh, ooh me ears are alight”! Speedy Gonzales with his finger up his nose and Smelly dog in a wig had me it fits in The Final Curtain. To Russia with Love left me incensed. Well done for highlighting this. Your reptile escapees left me with palpitations. Better stop there before you fall asleep! And thank you for popping by mine, just wish I could blog on a more regular basis. Keep up the great work.

  5. LOL!!!!! Bouncing around my kitchen singing “my ears are alight”, my life will never be the same again, Deborah… Youhooo!!! “Ohhh, hoooooo…..My ears are alight”…. doobedoobedooooooo 😀
    Ok, time to calm down. I’m most honoured to use up valuable connection time for my blog – so in order:
    1) Playmo are much to boringly clasic with their figurines. I did write them a letter as Mrs Playmo, and never dared to post it anywhere except on my blog (A letter from Mrs Playmo to her creator” – download it for a rainy day).
    2) Send her a mail, or leave a message on her blog. You’re probably not the only one who is concerned.
    3) Done at beginning of response (musical break as MM dances around kitchen).
    4) The Russian government has a very peculiar way of seeing human rights. It makes me mad. Life is difficult enough without adding obtuseness and hate to the equation.
    5) I am still in mourning. But I find solace in my Playmo’s 🙂
    6) They still attempt the occasional break out. I have changed the newspaper on the bottom of the tank for the local rag – I’m sure that MG reads it for escape strategies.
    7° You’re welcome- I wish you had more time to blog too becuse you always have me in stitches!

  6. what’s the word for “call Social Services, quick!” in French?…. 😉 😉
    – have you actually sent the images to the Playmobils manufacturer? aahahahhahah they would have a fit!

    • Again, only just found your comment. Why are you hiding in my inbox? 🙂 I wonder if the manufacturers collect this kind of twisted scenario…. Don’t call in Social services, I need my kids to bring me up 🙂

      • make me sound like a stalker hiding behind the inbox-bush, wearing an overcoat… (dreadful image in my mind….) – why don’t you post the pics on the Playmobil FB page? (maybe I’ll post them your link…. 😉

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