MM is feeling guilty, because she doesn’t have much time for blogging at the moment. New posts are in the pipeline, I promise… and lots of reading, too.  In the mean time, here is my contribution to today’s daily prompt about junk. I’m fascinated by the way nature or humanity repossesses unwanted objects that are abandoned.  I’ve got a fair few pictures I took with Candide Canon -here are a few examples I found locally. I hope you enjoy them!  MM.

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26 thoughts on “Junk!

    • That made me want to pull out my vintage Raleigh- I found her abandoned at Emmaüs, and she just had to wink her chrome rod brakes at me once to convince me. We’ve rattled our old bones around the vineyards a few times together since- too old ladies on a stately roll 🙂

    • If you block out the rest of the big picture it can be rather poetic, but when you see it in an otherwise beautiful backdrop, it makes you want to cry. Down the lane we have fridges, freezers, and even half of a Citroën van. It doesn’t seem to bother anyone, it’s dramatic.

    • Oooh, yes. The magic blue string holds rural France together. My neighbour on both sides have tons of the stuff; I think it’s the unofficial proof of “belonging”. Should we send some blue string to the Matignon Marshmallow man, I wonder? It could hold his policies together.

  1. Junk is ubiquitous and universal and is probably one of the few things that can be said to found in every human settlement throughout history. Humans are great at creating junk! (I know I am). 🙂

  2. I’ve got an old cast-iron enameled bath with claw feet at each corner that came with the cottage when we bought it. We pulled it out and put it in the garden as a’feature’ – filled with earth and plants. Now it lies at the foot of the garden, blocking a gap in the fence to stop the dogs getting into neighbour’s garden 😆

  3. You’ve transformed some very unsightly detritus into fascinating shapes with your trusty camera, MM. Interestingly, apart from the mountain of scrap at the secondhand car place up the hill from our French house, the roadside verges and field corners of our bit of Normandy are surprisingly free of junk. I guess southerners are less inhibited. 🙂

    • Hi there Perpetua! I hope life is good for you 🙂 Here in the South, people don’t seem to realise the luck they have to live in such a beautiful place. If rubbish could take root, we’d be able to pick cars and fridges off the trees as well as peaches and apricots…. We moved here from Eastern France, which is as clean as the proverbial whistle. We were shell-shocked to say the least….

      • Sounds like the laid-back south, then. Even our scrapyard is shielded from public view by an enormously high conifer hedge and you can only see the stuff when the gate’s open.

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