Of Royal Babies and Birthday Bilbies.

I don’t usually post twice in a day, but only fools never change their habits. The 22nd of July was a historic date. It is the date of birth of a very important person. I am of course talking about my littlest little sister, LLS, who hit the age of 30 on Monday with both feet firmly anchored in childhood.

However, a lady called Kate decided to give birth in London on the same day, and took the media coverage right away from my littlest little sister’s claim to fame for the day. So for what it’s worth, I’m putting the news out to the world: LLS hit thirty on the 22nd, and she rocks my world more than the royals could ever do. So happy birthday, littlest little sis, I love you!

Littlest little sister didn’t get any of the cool gifts that are lined up for baby Prince (although she would probably welcome the donation of the amount spent instead). I’m not sure she’d appreciate a box containing baby gear and condoms (a thoughtful offering from Finland – if Will & Kate are short of a bob or two, they can apparently upturn the box and use it as a crib), or a £15,000 designer bracelet doubling up as a bum cream dispenser thanks to a nifty little holder. Then there’s the merino wool shawl from New Zealand that took 280 hours to make. (I hope Baby R doesn’t poo in it because it must be bugger to wash. But if they can’t get the stain out, it doesn’t matter – apparently they got the same one for William’s birth. Thumbs up for the imagination in the gifts department, NZ…)

However, Kevin Rudd, Australian Prime Minister, came up trumps with a gift that got me scratching my head: An zoo enclosure named after the Royal babe, and $10,000 worth of research funding in his name to save an endangered species called the bilby. $10,000 doesn’t go far in research, but it’s very generous nonetheless. But why choose the bilby rather than the Northern hairy nosed wombat or the terminally cute Mountain pygmy possum?

Out of curiosity, I googled the little critter. It is a marsupial, and is really rather cute. But what is the link with the Royal baby? Once I’d seen the picture, I couldn’t help wondering if Australia wasn’t quietly poking fun at our Royal family. After all, check out these pictures and judge for yourself: on the left is a Bilby (stuffed), and on the right, Royal Babe’s grandfather (unstuffed, of course).

English: This is a stuffed specimen of the ext...

English: His Royal Highness Prince Charles, Du...

Photo credit for both photos: Wikipedia.

I may have a twisted mind, but I find that there is a disconcerting similarity between these two pictures. My suspicious mind is wondering whether Australia wouldn’t be having a quiet laugh at the Royal family’s expense…..  What do you think?

39 thoughts on “Of Royal Babies and Birthday Bilbies.

    • Glad to see you again TAC, I was getting worried that you’d been abducted by aliens…. Thanks for the birthday wishes for LLS! As she is fantastic, wonderful and awesome, I’m sure that she did 🙂

      • I’ve been abducted by work and life! Most inconvenient I can tell you! Wouldn’t mind if it was something wildly exciting! 😦 Trying desperately to catch up with everyone’s posts… there are so many! As for my earlier troubles with posting comments… apparently there was a problem with some of the UK IP addresses which meant all comments were being sent to spam! All fixed now thank goodness, was very frustrating! Heading over to read your ‘MM’s Supermarket Showdown’ now, have missed my morning chuckles! 😀

      • Only a week and a half to go and I’m off to Devon for a week! Cannot wait, it’s soooo needed! Taking Mutley with us this time… fun or madness?! 😉

  1. Somebody needs to laugh at them, pretentious bunch of ninnies! And if Baby Prince Wind had waited one more day he would have shared my birthday. He could never have dealt with the competition!

    • I wish they’d get a taste of a normal life, and I do fel sorry for Kate because I suspect that she wouldn’t have chosen “George” as a name for her baby if she’d married anyone else…. Baby Prince Wind is miles better than the name he got, poor little bugger. Happy belated birthday!!!

  2. Ha ha, great thinking! There is definitely a strong resemblance. I’m really glad to hear the Aussies are spending their money on something that will benefit them, that’s bonza mate!

    • It’d definitely a good idea to put the money into saving endangered species rather than on gifts that won’t be used. Having said that, they should be funding research without using it as a way to curry favour with the UK (oops, that sounded very colonial, what, what old boy, but you get what I mean).

  3. I think that the similarity Charles/Bilby is not as close as that of Charles looking like a Volkswagen (the Beetle) with its doors open (according to a British journalist)…

  4. Oh, no, no, we wouldn’t poke fun at HRH. The bilby in the picture looks very insipid. It’s actually a mainstay of Australian life since it delivers our Easter eggs – rabbits being English vermin.

    Happy belated birthday to LLS.

    • 🙂 And we have a response from a real Ozzie!!! I would look insipid if I was stuffed, too. They don’t look big enough to carry Easter eggs; is the risk of having no easter egg delivery the reason for trying to save it? interestingly enough, there is a big-ear leitmotif for Easter-egg delivery… Apparently they get attacked and eaten by cats, who don’t seem to have the remotest romantic bone in their bodies and have no problems with eating the Easter egg delivery-boy.

  5. Fifth attempt to comment. Third browser. Love this post – wish your lls a belated happy one, and I will try not to think of a bilby every time I see a pic of Prince Charles – or the other way around!

  6. Thanks middle big sis (MBS?!) and everyone else who posted. Had a fantastic day and it was nice of everyone to throw a party for me 😀

  7. I love how their gift to the baby is essentially a gift to themselves – those damn aussies!!
    I feel like the bilby is far too cute to resemble HRH… hehe 😛

    • I thought it was a bit like me buying myself underwear for PF’s birthday. Having said that, it’s and probably much more useful to the world to save the bibly. I would have offered an inflatable ring for Kate to sit on – been there, seen that, bought the t-shirt 🙂

  8. LOL too funny at the reference to Prince Charles and the marsupial. Happy (belated birthday) to your littlest, little sister! July 22 was also another very special person’s birthday: my father! He turned 76! 🙂 No media coverage for his special day, either. Lol

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