Wind, wings and waves…

Wings. Wind. The desire to take off. To use the power of the wind in the sky, on water. Take a birds-eye view of things. Here is a collection of wings, sails and flight, illustrating the use of the wind both in the natural world and in our own. For those who may, like MM, want to take off and be carried by the wind, and leave all their worldly worries on the ground.

Now fasten your seatbelts, ladies and gents….. and thank you for flying MM airlines.

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21 thoughts on “Wind, wings and waves…

  1. great images MM, did you take them all with your new camera?
    I’ve enjoyed flying MM airline, great on-board entertainment. The Tinkerbell wings are so gorgeous

    • Cheers, OAC! I took them all with Candide. The insect close-ups were taken with my new macro lense, and the seaside pics were taken with the second-hand zoom lense that Father Christmas gave me for being a good girl and eating all my sprouts 🙂 I love the Tinkerbell wings too. I’ve been hoping to see a pair sprouting on my back since I took the pic, but no luck so far. Humpf.

  2. There are some beautiful kites about these days, aren’t there. Lovely photos MM, and what a gorgeous blue sky to have as a background!

    • Cheers, Sarah! There were actually kite surfers attached to the kites; I was pooped just watching them. The sky was fab – we were in Fréjus at the weekend, and the sight in the sky was much more pleasant to look at than the acres of flab on the beach 🙂

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