Oh, go on, then, WordPress, you’ve twisted my arm again. Today’s Daily Prompt asks photographers for a photo illustrating the word “HELP”.

Here is Murphy, our unlucky black cat, who illustrates the word far better than I ever could.





17 thoughts on ““Catastrophy”

  1. Love it,

    It poured down with rain here on Sunday, it was also very windy, so I shut the garage doors.
    Today I walked pass the garage door (They are big glass doors) and there was a white cat sat there looking at me and meowing!!!

    It must have crept in before Sunday lunch and sat there for the past 2 days. Poor (stupid) thing.

    I should have took a pic before I released it. 🙂

    • Hi there, PN! Poor little cat. That’s what you get for seeking shelter in someone else’s garage…. I bet there’s a little old Italian lady baying for blood somewhere in your neighbourhood. She’ll hunt you down and lob tins of KiteKat at you 🙂 If I were you I’d check out the garage for feline offerings – I hope you didn’t leave your car windows open. Although hopefully the cat didn’t take your mini for a litter tray 🙂

      • I had a quick sniff, but I guess I need to check the corners of the garage.

        The cat is called scooby doo!! and lives across the road, or normally it does 🙂

    • It was indeed the case, EXCEPT that Murphy had spent the night OUTSIDE, and his food (and smelly dog) were INSIDE. THey are both in permanent competition for food, and pinch each other’s grub on a regular basis. 🙂

      • Ah well now the look on Murphy’s face becomes clear… he’s looking in on his food and a smirking, lurking smelly dog! Hahaha classic! 😀

    • He was at the door. But he DOES ask to come in through the upstairs window: he jumps from a downstairs window sill onto the glass canopy below my bedroom window, then yowls like mad when he wants to come in at night, much to PF’s horror.

  2. Aww bless. He’s just a year younger than my black cat who is not unlucky but does get into fights. He currently has a clump of fur missing over his left eye and looks a bit silly really.

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