Just for you….

I wanted to give you something special today. I thought about an exotic pot plant like the Bat Plant (google it, it’s sexier than Batman) but then I thought that this would be better.


A field of sunflowers (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

“Why is MM offering me sunflowers?” I hear you mumbling as you reach for your coffee cup. Well, it’s simple. Because you are my sunshines. MM entered a competition, and lots of lovely people who read her ramblings made the effort to visit that website, read her offerings and even leave comments to help MM. MM did not win the competition, but the entry she voted for did.

Most importantly, MM got something else out of the competition experience:  an awesome feeling of support from all of you that swept her right off her size niners and left her with a lovely tingly feeling in her tummy. (And writers block too, ‘cos now I’m scared I won’t be up to scratch.)

You all came up trumps, because just one comment was picked out from 135 as the best comment made on all 19 entries… and I suspect it was from one of you guys! So without getting dressed up in a sequined black dress and indulging in hysterical histrionics on a virtual Cannes red carpet, a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU all for your generous comments and for your presence; you all made my day, and do so every time we “chat” in the blogosphere. You have become a real gang of friends, and I’m proud to know you all. So I would like to offer a happy, emotional MM bear hug to you all. Thanks 😀

Joanna (alias MM)

And here is a hugga wugga sunshine song, more MM than any stupid Cannes speech, just for you!


19 thoughts on “Just for you….

  1. ooooohhhh you almost got me at “hello”…. I enjoy reading your blog! you are our French sunshine MM !!!! 🙂

  2. Well done. Entering a competition is one thing but telling blog buddies about it and exposing your work to us is another. I thought you were very brave. From my viewpoint it was very interesting to be on the other side and viewing and commenting, so thanks for letting us in.

    • Thank you. As I said above, I don’t know if I’m brave or one can short of a six pack, but hey… I’m happy this way. And as my Dad quite rightly said once, “If you don’t try, you’ll never know.” 😀

    • Thanks, Duncan, and thanks again for your monumental help by reblogging me and asking your bloggers to check out the competition entry; you’re a star. I’m not disappointed, one day I will sell a blockbusting novel, I just have to write it first…. 😀

  3. Your entry was brill. Shame you didn’t win, but the competition must have been super stiff for you not to get first prize. 🙂

    • Thanks, Sarah 🙂 I actually felt very proud to have such lovely comments about my text… And I did win something, because they picked Katt’s comment about my entry as the best in all the competition. Whatever, I am chuffed and feel very honoured to have such a bunch as company in the blogosphere. Hugga wugga 🙂

  4. Ahh what a lovely post! Sorry to hear you didn’t win this time but at least you faced your fear and did it anyway! Please don’t take our sunshine away… (none of this writers block nonsense!) love laughing with you… Hugga Wugga MM 😀
    P.S. Size niners… really? 😀

    • Hope the sunflowers don’t take too much room on the kitchen window sill! Sunshine will stay, I promise; my writer’s block started fading today and the next post is progresssing in leaps and bounds. And yes, MM has given away a huge piece of info about herself: she has size nine feet that she can’t fit into any shoes in a place where all the other women are the sizes of a Lilliputian with delicate size fives. I have given up and buy myself a pair of lace-up pumps every summer. Hugga wugga right back atcha, Tac!

      • Heh heh well I’m a size seven so not that far behind you! Glad to hear the block has faded and you’re back on course… looking forward to the next instalment of life in MM’s multi faceted world! 😀

  5. There was some very stiff competion there, MM, and I reckon the judges had a hard task. Keep entering and letting us know and we’ll be right behind you with our appreciative comments. A post from you always brightens up my day. 🙂

    • THere was some excellent writing in there; I would have had a tough time choosing, but the one I enjoyed the most won, so I was happy! I’m glad to know you’re supporting me when I do give competitions a shot. Thanks 😉

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