Colour me natural.

The most recent Weekly Photo Challenge is about colour. Without wanting to sound like I’m bragging, I have heaps of photos of colour. My favourites are those depicting the fabulous hues provided by mother nature.

I have therefore decided to introduce you to Bernard the hermit crab, who P.F and I bumped into on a romantic wander along the rocky coast in St Aygulf, France. ย He has gorgeous beady eyes and vivid orange antennae, and the blue spots on his abdomen make him the sexiest crustacean on the beach. A real festival of colour provided courtesy of Mother Nature.

Bernard the hermit crab.

Bernard the hermit crab.

17 thoughts on “Colour me natural.

    • Thanks! I’d just like to warn you that when I clicked on your name, Apple the pooter told me that your server didn’t exist. It does exist- I just typed the name again because the “o” and the “u” in “curious” have swapped seats. Get it fixed so that people can get back to your blog- it’d be a shame for them and you if you didn’t ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Thanks. I’m waiting for the Chronopost guy to pull his finger out and deliver my new camera lens – my prize from the expats blog competition! Can’t wait. I’ll finally be able to do real macro photography. But first I have to get the delivery man to phone me when he’s lost rather than shrug his shoulders and go back to the depot. What a plank.

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