Thank you!

The last time I won a competition was when I  painted my house in primary school. I suspect the jury were shocked by my stark depiction of the window of the prison cell where I did my homework- we lived in an old brick police station.  I was thrilled with my prize: a book that I read from cover to cover, again and again. However, since that unique childhood moment, I have generally excelled in the more unusual lucky stakes. A good example of this would be back in 1999, when the company car my boss had lent me was one of the “lucky” five elected to be burnt to cinders overnight by a budding arsonist.

So when I clicked on the link on an email from the Expats Blog yesterday evening, eager to read the winning entries for their writing contest, I was dumbstruck to see my own name staring back at me from the screen. My family practically had to scrape me off the ceiling, I jumped so high.

I had read my way through a fair number of the 80 entries, and had discovered fascinating, quirky and informative articles written by expats all over the world that all deserved to be picked. Congratulations to Annie Onursan, whose original approach to describing attractions in Bodrum was a prize winner too. Check out the entries here: you have a gold mine of fabulous blogs all around the world. Why don’t you sign up your blog on the site, too?

So thank you for the honour, Expats Blog. Thanks also for the generous prize, which will be put to good use for my passion: reading and writing. Last but most definitely not least, thanks to those who popped by and commented on my entry, which can be found here. I am still pinching myself and expecting to wake up…..


28 thoughts on “Thank you!

    • Do have a wander around, please! There should be a coffee machine and a peanut distributor somewhere around. I survived the Préfecture this morning, and will now live in suspense until something comes through the mail within the next two months. I hope. Will be tying up my report for our three-blog European challenge later on…..

  1. Sometimes dreams do come true, MM. 🙂 You’re a born writer, you know, and the judges recognised that. Very well done and enjoy using your prize.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Miss P. I’m still trying to keep my feet on the ground…. Bigfoot seems to think that I should prove myself to be a perfect mother by donating my prize to his iphone fund. Iphone, I paid? Don’t think so… 🙂

  2. Brilliant writing and well deserved prize!! Loved reading your 10 commandments. Original and funny is always worth reading! Bravo! Tell Bigfoot if he wants to get a prize he has to write for it and win it legit like.

    • Thank you! I totally agree for Bigfoot: the next prize he has to win is is baccalauréat, THEN he can start thinking about a phone than sings, dances and does the washing up 🙂 Thanks for popping by and voting, by the way!

    • Thank you, swim girl 🙂 I have a whole collection of examples like the car burning! I remember that momentous moment when I had to give my boss the keys and papers and tell her that it was all she had left of her car… brrr.

  3. This prize does not come as a surprise to me : these 10 Commandments are a masterpiece and well deserved to be rewarded at the first place.
    Also, it should definitely convince you to try your luck in writing something more important such as series of stories (“des Nouvelles”) the way Guy de Maupassant wrote in the 19th century, but with your own feeling of the day transcribed with your sense of humor, or, “carrément”, a novel.
    I know, easier said than done, but, in my opinion, it’s worth trying.
    Papounet would be very proud to have a best-seller-producing “bru”…

    • Hello, Papounet. Thank you for your faith in my writing. A bestseller, huh? Watch this space….. 😉
      PS: Not sure that many women would be prepared to write the same content as our friend Maupassant….. Ask SWMBO for confirmation 🙂

      • but but but…. did you wear your sparkling black number and cried like Halli Berry whilst you were writing your “thank you” post? it’s a MUST, you know?… 😉

      • I took off from my chair and remained glued to the ceiling with surprise, told PF who downed tools and grinned, then I put on my celebratory IKEA pj’s and had a beer. I wrote the thank you post in the same PJ’s the following morning- I’m still in too much shock one week later to cry, let alone try to get into a sparkly dress 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 I’ve just invested the prize money in a new lens for Candid Canon. The French delivery company decided they couldn’t find my house today (they’ve only been here 13 times in the last two years, after all…) and told me to drive half an hour to pick it up. They were told to take a long walk off a short bridge and have been invited to come back tomorrow.

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