This post is a plea to all those out there who usually skim over requests for petitions and votes. I’m not asking you to vote for the cutest baby competition, your favourite flavour of ice cream or whether you would prefer a date with Robert Pattinson or Hugh Grant. This is serious blogging stuff, which is why I’m making these big pleading eyes at you. Yes, YOU.

M.M, in your office/kitchen/dining room, pleading for your vote before it's too late.

M.M, in your office/kitchen/dining room, pleading for your vote before it’s too late.

A little like Uncle Sam, Multifarious Meanderings NEEDS YOU. Come on guys: I am amazed to see that 110 of you following my blog, which is currently joint tenth in line in the Expat Blog Awards out of 87 French blogs.That’s amazing, and I’d like to thank those who have already voted. I’d like it to be a winner, and I’m asking you to help me. If you enjoy popping by from time to time and having a read, if my ramblings have ever put a smile on your face, please, please, please…..

CLICK HERE, scroll down to the bottom and help make this blog one of the four award-winners in France. Soon. Very soon, because the close votes on 00.00 h on the 14th of December. Every vote counts. They also take comments into account so wax lyrical, kids…..

Thanks,  M.M xx

8 thoughts on “Pleaaaaaase…..?

  1. love it MM, those pleading eyes… you’ve tried really hard… I am asking myself the same question, got 141 followers, 12 votes for which I am grateful….. hey where’s everybody? maybe it’s all “virtual”…. maybe I’ve only really got 1 follower (you, MM..) and the other are 140 are just additional blogs pseudonome you are using? 😉

    • I was explaining to PF last night that these blog awards have helped me to face facts about blogging, and realise that it’s great to know who really likes your blog, however scarce they may be on the ground (insert theatrical sniff clutching Cannes award *here*). Also that maybe serial followers exist too, or there are people out there worried about big brother watching them in the bloggersphere and tracking them back home….. ? I’m just a naïve twerp who actually reads the blogs she follows, but there you go….
      PS Nope, I only have one identity on WordPress, but it’s the real me 🙂

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