Birth announcement.

Multifarious Meanderings is delighted to announce the birth of her sister blog after a relatively easy labour, without the use of forceps:

 Although we are still having minor teething problems, the French blog is now up and running, so if you are lucky enough to have been born French or you are an enthusiastic francophile, mosey on down to “Ruminations d’une vache folle”, where I have rounded up and penned all my articles in French in new WordPress pastures.

From now on, English articles will remain here, and French articles will pop up on the new blog. I thought long and hard about this, and think that this system will make it easier for followers who read in one language only to read new posts.  I hope you enjoy the new, easier format. Don’t forget to click on that follow button if you’re a bilingual reader……

8 thoughts on “Birth announcement.

  1. OK, j’ai compris pourquoi tu tenais tant à faire des photos de cette vache…
    En vol-à-voile, “aller aux vaches” c’est se poser dans un champ (où il peut y avoir de ces ruminants) parce que on ne peut pas rejoindre le terrain de départ ou d’arrivée, b’cause “dégueulantes” inattendues…

    • Hello, and thanks for your visit to the maternity ward (pass the chocolates…). The picture of the cow is because this new French blog is called “Ruminations of a mad cow”, and I couldn’t think of more ludicrous place to take a picture of a cow than on the beach. If that makes sense…..

  2. Haha, love the name! Now I have a place to “refresh” my French. Not in writing (I’m afraid that skill is gone ), but to read and bring it up to date . Of course as I’m reading the writing will improve too huh? Anyway, félicitations !

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